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Should They Change The Name To The Chicken News Channel?

Reported by Ellen - January 19, 2007 -

I saw a new FOX News promo during a break at about 48 minutes into last night’s Hannity & Colmes. It said, “America has problems. The problem is not America.” If that’s the case, then why was so much of what’s happening in America not discussed during the show?

Other than a double segment with Newt Gingrich, the rest of Hannity & Colmes was devoted to sensationalism: The Devlin kidnapping, a sex offender released from jail to go to college, the Yale Choir attacks and the possibility that Hugh Heffner might become a father again. The Heffner segment included lots of alluring gals in revealing outfits. In the middle of it all, there was the fourth discussion in as many nights about 12 year-old Dakota Fanning playing the part of a girl who gets raped. Sean Hannity made the misleading announcement that the film “(features) the violent rape of child actress Dakota Fanning.”

With that kind of a line-up for the show, (not to mention the recent series on sex-crazed teachers, complete with alluring videos), it struck me that only a blowhard like Hannity could complain with a straight face that the Sundance Film Festival, where Fanning’s film will premiere this week, included too many sexually explicit films.

Meanwhile, the “We like America” channel overlooked a lot of important news on its prime time debate show:

-The Scooter Libby trial
-The flip flop of the Bush administration on its warrantless wiretapping program and the contentious Senate hearing with Alberto Gonzales on the issue
- The bi-partisan Senate resolution opposing Bush’s troop surge in Iraq
- The Democrats accomplished their “First 100 hours” legislative agenda in 87 hours

Funny how all the news not discussed is good for Democrats and/or bad for the Bush administration.

What’s the matter, FOX News, too chicken-hearted to face the America you purport to love? Just asking.