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John Gibson Delivers FOX Orchestrated Double Whammy To Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama

Reported by Deborah - January 19, 2007 -

The FOX smear campaigns always start on Fox & Friends and then work up the daily line up to Big Story where FOX can always depend on John Gibson to push it without shame. Earlier today, Judy reported that F&F was claiming that Hillary Clinton was pushing a story, behind the scenes, that Barack Obama attended a Muslim Madrassa as a child. Sure enough, John Gibson used his MY Word commentary to make Obama seem like the victim of evil Hillary.

First Gibson brought up the smoking nonsense claiming it was unimportant but adding that tried and true FOX phrase "some people think"

" Two days ago we did a story about Barack Obama's dirty little secret: He smokes cigarettes. I got a lot of angry e-mail of the how-dare-you variety. After all, the angry e-mailers said: This is old news. Everybody knows he smokes, and what difference does it make? Well, not everybody knows, No. 1. And No. 2, many people do care if a person is a smoker. Some people view smoking as a character weakness."

Once he gave a reminder that Obama was a man with a " character weakness", Gibson tried to paint him as defenseless against the power and evil of Hillary.

"But smoking cigarettes is a nothing burger compared to what Hillary's people are doing to Obama, according to Insight magazine, which is a publication of The Washington Times. Insight says its sources report that the Clinton Democrats are doing background checks on Obama and are going to attach the word madrassa to him, as in: "Obama attended a madrassa as a child."

Gibson wanted to be sure the viewers understood the implications of the Madrassa/Obama connection but avoided taking responsibility of suggesting a terrorist link. Instead he explained how Americans would feel about the news.

"Americans have a visceral reaction to the word madrassa. In our world a madrassa is where zealots train young Muslim kids to hate America, to hate the West, and to be killers. Saying Obama attended a madrassa is tying Obama's name to terrorism."

To cover his own butt, Gibson admitted that Obama had openly written in his book that he had attended a Muslim school as a child in Indonesia. Gibson then embellished Obama's words.

"Obama himself has said in his own book that he attended a predominantly Muslim school as a youngster in Indonesia — translation: madrassa."

Gibson finished up by trashing Hillary Clinton as a poltical monster preparing to grind Obama to a pulp and ultimately painted this picture for his viewers. Ruthless Bitch vs. Spineless Neophyte Terrorist.

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