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Who will Hollywood back, Obama or Clinton?

Reported by Chrish - January 18, 2007 -

Seizing on the important news of the day, the so-called "Big Story" obsessed some more on the anticipated Obama-Clinton competition for campaign dollars from Hollywood. Host John Gibson questioned Democratic strategist Dan Gerstein.

"Should Clinton be worried that Obama has his eye on Hollywood?" asked the chyron (and Gibson, aloud).

Well if you take Gerstein's word, yes. Obama has the one thing Hollywood prizes: sex appeal, charm, buzz, and magic. (I know, that's four things. I think he meant "charisma.") In the long run, though, Obama is going to have to prove he has electability.

FOX couldn't resist putting up the pictures of healthy young Obama in is swim trunks, and Gibson said he knows Obama didn't do this on purpose but won't the image of a "skinny, young, stud-muffin guy in the surf" help him? Gerstein thinks that his appearance on Monday Night Football helped even more, showing him to be a regular guy having fun.

Gibson next wondered if, when Obama goes a'knocking in Hollywood, will they automatically turn their backs on Hillary? When Gerstein said no, there'll probably be some "double-dipping" Gibson construed that to mean Hollywood was "two-faced." No, said Gerstein, there'll be a multiplicity of support for various candidates. Asked to predict the nominee, he wisely said it's way, way too early to do that.

Does Gibson think Hollywood is like a school of fish? There are thousands of people who make up "Hollywood" and there's bound to be support as varied as the people there. The more FOX can hype a "feud" between Obama and Clinton, the more they can turn them into caricatures.