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Newsless-News Break on Fox and Friends

Reported by Judy - January 18, 2007 -

Every day "Fox and Friends" interrupts the flow of its nonsense with quick news breaks, but the one Thursday included an item so devoid of any information that it doesn't quality as news.

The news item was that, "Partisan politics derails an ethics reform bill in the Senate. The measure would have reduced the influence of lobbyists and forced lawmakers to be more open about their pet projects.”

That was it. Left out were minor details such as who was to blame for the "partisan politics" -- Democrats or Republicans, and why does the Senate need to reduce the influence of lobbyists?

Fox News didn't want to let its viewers now that Republicans balked at the measure, which was designed to correct the abuses that occurred under GOP rule of Congress.

Other news organizations wrote about the measure, which you can read about here.