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Fox Says Bush Backed Down on Wiretaps to "Please the New York Times"

Reported by Melanie - January 18, 2007 -

Poor George. According to Fox, "The Decider" can't be held responsible for deciding to allow, a secret court to govern his wiretapping program: Relentless pressure from the New York Times made him do it.

Ann Coulter was Neil Cavuto's first guest today (January 18, 2007) -- don't forget that Your World is billed as a "business news" program -- and Cavuto introduced her with:

Meanwhile, no more warrantless wiretaps. The White House explains its decision today as the New York Times expresses its displeasure. [Fox went to a split screen and showed a picture of this Times headline.] Why that has Ann Coulter very worried. The author of Godless joins us right now.

What do you make of just the media reaction to this about-face on the wiretapping thing?

Coulter responded, saying it's, "not good when the New York Times is cheering a national security move," and Cavuto retorted that the Times framed it, "in a way that, from the start, this was bad." Meanwhile, the chyron at the bottom of the screen read: "NYTimes 'Pleased' w/Wiretap Decision: Should America Worry?"

Coulter said that was a, "misrepresentation." The wiretap program was, "wiretapping Americans making international calls. It is monitoring international calls for international security purposes, which is the sole province of the President." It is, "the Constitution that determines that the President has complete control over international relations...to claim that he doesn't have the power to be listening to calls to Al Qaeda cell phones, whether or not they originate in America, is preposterous."

Cavuto then wondered whether, "the President's success in preventing an attack" over the past five years, "is working against him now...against extending wiretap programs and the like?" Coulter of course said, "Yes." This is, "always the case with Republicans. We succeed on an issue...and it gets taken away from us as an issue...this is a major capitulation, it will put Americans in danger...we're at war with an enemy that is living in New York City, in Miami...they're here. [I thought we were fighting them over there so we don't have to fight them over here.] The only weapon we have is intelligence. [Then why are we spending $1.2 trillion to fight in Iraq?]

After a brief discussion about how Democrats are going to raise taxes on the rich, or per Coulter, anyone who "has an alarm clock," Cavuto closed with:

Alright. "You've got the White House now pleasing the New York Times, as Ann pointed out."

Actually Neil, Ann Coulter didn't say anything of the sort. You did. Fox did. This is your propaganda.