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'Fox and Friends' Soft-Pedals Muslim Profiling

Reported by Judy - January 18, 2007 -

"Fox and Friends" had beat up on 40 Muslims who threatened to sue Northwest Airlines earlier this week for refusing to let them board a plane in Germany. Now, they're beating up on Northwest for apologizing to them.

The co-hosts Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade interviewed a favorite Fox guest -- a Lebanese woman, Brigitte Gabriel, from the American Congress for Truth.org. Doocy and Kilmeade never mentioned that the American Congress for Truth receives funding from Jewish organizations, which might have a tendency to slant her views toward Muslims.

The thrust of Gabriel's comments is that Muslims should expect to be profiled because Muslims flew airplanes into buildings on September 11, 2001. Well, a white male Christian blew up a building on Oklahoma City. Should all white male Christians expect to be profiled?

Midway through the discussion about Northwest and the 40 Muslims from Michigan, Doocy slips in the information that Northwest had apologized because the wrong information was printed on some of the tickets and because of screw-ups by the Muslims' travel agent.

Realizing that was a weak case on which to justify keeping Muslims off the plane, Doocy switched to other cases.

Gabriel, however, never let up, saying, "Muslims are going to profiled. It comes with the territory," and "If they are truly patriotic Americans, they will have no problems working with the authorities. … They need to focus more on patriotism instead of terrorism, and this is the message we need to send Muslims.”

Somebody needs to send Fox News a message that if they don't start disclosing the financial backing of their guests, they are misleading them.