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Colbert Visits O'Reilly

Reported by Deborah - January 18, 2007 -

Tonight is the much hyped Colbert/O'Reilly night when Colbert visits O'Reilly on his show and later on, O'Reilly appears on Colbert's, 11:30PM ET. The first phase, Colbert on The O'Reilly Factor, was hilarious. At times O'Reilly actually looked like he was having fun and laughter could be heard off camera. Hopefully those laughing O'Reilly staffers will still have their jobs. With video

O'Reilly brought up Colberts name asking, " Colbert is that a French name?"Colbert smoothly replied that he was just trying to get the cultural elites on his side.Then BOR claimed he contacted Colbert's 3rd grade teacher in South Carolina who said he was just " little Steve Colbert without the french pronounciation. Colbert insisting he was Irish like O'Reilly quipped, " Gotta play the game."

The next volley started with O'Reilly claiming that Colbert owed him a lot of money for using his identity Colbert corrected him saying he was emulating not imitating advising BOR to " check your lawyer".

O'Reilly started to get a little annoyed when Colbert said he was trying to get his message of peace and love out to a younger audience, too young for The Factor, in their 50's and 60's. This crack got a little twitch of nasty working in Bill causing him to attack saying that only stoned slackers watched Jon Stewart. Colbert answered, "You have to be high to understand him".

Colbert got funnier telling O'Reilly that he " gives and gives" doing five TV shows a week and the Radio Factor too. Then he asked BOR if he got his energy from " Jesus Christ or Pat Robertson Protein bars?"

O'Reilly still stuck on Jon Stewart and Colbert's popularity wanted to know why every left wing critic loved Colbert but hated him. "The New York Times, Bill", was Colberts perfect answer.

The routine continued with O'Reilly doing a fake temper tantrum about Colbert's name followed by some Bear and Owl stuff. You just have to see it youself.
Here's the video