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O'Reilly Tries To Get Dennis Miller To Whine About Liberals

Reported by Deborah - January 17, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly interviewed Dennis Miller tonight on The O'Reilly Factor, 1/17/08, and fed him leading questions probably hoping he would start whining about liberals rejecting him.O'Reilly introduced Miller as one of the few non liberal performers claiming he gave an Oscar level performance in Bordello of Blood and opened the interview discussing Miller's conversion from "left wing loon" to Libertarian.

O'Reilly's attempted to paint Miller as a talented actor who has not recieved the recognition he deserves because he's not liberal. His claim that Miller gave an Oscar caliber performance in Bordello of Blood is questionable. In fact, Miller laughed at the notion too. Bordello Of Blood was a selecton from the HBO series Tales From The Crypt and the one review discovered was pretty poor.

O'Reilly wanted to know about Miller's "conversion" and asked if he had lost friends? Miller didn't take the bait claiming his real friends were life long adding a joke about Arnold being a liberal friend.

Then O'Reilly asked if he had lost work. Miller answered that it was hard to tell but launched into a riff about he and Ron Silver being like the characters in Close Encounters making mashed potato mountains while everyone else was clueless. Finally, BOR gave up after a question about " nasty mail" got no response.

After some Iraq chit chat, O'Reilly got to Hillary Clinton. Miller started out in a positive mode but let his lower side emerge soon enough saying that if she had no idea her husband was messing around, she's not smart enough to be my President.

comment:This interview was obviously a PR rehab ploy for FOX. Miller's appearances on H&C have been obnoxious and definitely not funny. He was obviously trying to show his nice guy side and let people know he's a free thinker. It remains to be seen if he can actually be funny and entertaining.