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MSNBC's Scarborough Takes on O'Reilly

Reported by Judy - January 17, 2007 -

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough is fed up with Fox News' Bill O'Reilly's attacks on the NBC news organization as liberal and he took him on Tuesday (January 17, 2007). With video.

Scarborough was reacting to O'Reilly's claims that NBC has taken a sharp turn to the left and that the network has no conservatives working for it.

On "Scarborough Country," Scarborough noted that he is just as conservative now as he was when he was in Congress -- and when he was a Fox News commenter. Scarborough said that he has not changed his position on key issues, unlike others whom he termed "suck ups."

Scarborough's two guests -- Bob Kohn, author of Journalistic Fraud, and Steve Adubato, a MSNBC media analyst -- disagreed over why O'Reilly has been criticizing MSNBC.

Kohn claimed that Fox News and O'Reilly are only retaliating for Keith Olbermann's needling of O'Reilly for over two years. Kohn says that since O'Reilly has refused to mention Olbermann's name, to retaliate he has had to broaden his attack to include the entire network. And although Scarborough called it a "war," Kohn said it was a mere feud.

Adubato, however, called O'Reilly's attacks "intellectually dishonest" for not mentioning Scarborough.

The discussion, shown on the following video, was far more enlightening than anything that you'll ever see on Fox News. Scarborough interrupted no one and let each one make his points. His demeanor was jovial. He was easy to watch, unlike the shouters on Fox News.

But I think they never really got to the heart of the Fox News attacks on NBC and its cable child, MSNBC. The attacks began around the time NBC decided to call the conflict in Iraq a civil war. That, however, was only the excuse to begin them.

Fox News is tired of being the punching bag for media critics. Its management has decided to go on offense and try to deflect attention away from its own journalistic misdeeds by claiming that others are doing worse things but because they are liberals, nobody criticizes them.

The attacks on NBC are only part of it. Fox News also is starting its own fake news comedy show, after years of being the butt of Jon Stewart's jokes.

This isn't about ratings, about Olbermann, or even about NBC being liberal. It's about Fox News trying to get the spotlight off itself and on to somebody else for a change.

Don't let them do it. The issues isn't NBC, which is a straight-up news organization. The issue is Fox News, which is an apologist for the Bush administration..