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Hannity Uses Martin Luther King Day Again To Attack A Black, This Time Charles Rangel

Reported by Ellen - January 17, 2007 -

It’s getting to be a holiday tradition with Sean Hannity to dig up a black man’s statements made in honor of Martin Luther King Day, and then use them to attack him. Last year, it was Harry Belafonte. This year Charles Rangel, for saying that he doubts Martin Luther King would support the “lynching” of Saddam Hussein and what’s happening to Americans in Iraq. Although I complained in my previous post that Hannity & Colmes has ignored Martin Luther King Day for the two years in which I have been blogging about the show, Hannity might be observing it after all: by combing through news reports, looking for evidence of a “double standard” to crusade against the following night. Sort of like Boxing Day for white people.

“Isn’t it something that’s outrageous, that he should apologize for?” Hannity said to Democratic strategist Steve McMahon, last night (1/16/07) on Hannity & Colmes.

It’s a generic Hannity comment and a generic Hannity demand that he could have made on almost any given night about almost any given Democrat or African American. But McMahon, like far too many other Democrats, overlooked Hannity’s gotcha game and acted as though the real issue was Rangel’s remarks. McMahon gave the generic Democratic response to attacks from Hannity. McMahon called the remarks “unfortunate” before going on to say that Rangel used that term “for a reason.”

“This is a matter of principle,” Hannity said disingenuously, wagging his pen as he spoke.

African-American Amy Holmes was the Republican strategist. One suspects she was on hand to provide cover for Hannity’s bigoted agenda. It could not have been because of her insight or analysis. “What (Rangel) managed to do in a very short period of time was offend generations of African Americans who served in the military with honor and distinction,” Holmes asserted, without providing a scintilla of evidence to support her theory. The fact that Rangel is hugely popular in his Harlem district (he garnered 94% of the vote in his last re-election) makes her assertion doubtful.

She went on to rail against Rangel for his claim that, as she put it, “African Americans enlisting in the military was the epitome of what MLK was against.” In fact, Dr. King WAS very much anti war as well as being against violence. Was Holmes unaware of that, or just trying to make political hay along with Hannity?

“(Rangel) denigrated (African American troops) and diminished their service,” Holmes alleged. As far as I can tell, Holmes has never served in the military. Rangel is a decorated war veteran. Who’s really denigrating the troops?

Holmes further complained that Rangel diminished Martin Luther King Day, without giving it a second thought that she might be doing the same thing, herself, by going after someone for voicing an opinion that was far more in line with Dr. King’s than her own.

That prompted Hannity to ask the question he always fixates on when an African American is the subject of discussion. “Why is there a double standard? …Why does he get away with it? It seems that only Republicans get in long term trouble.” “Republicans” was almost certainly code for “Trent Lott.”

“He admits to playing the race card,” Holmes said. “He hides behind that.” Is she so dense that she doesn’t see Hannity’s bigoted moves? Or does she share his sensibilities?

It’s hard to know which. During Alan Colmes’ portion of the interview, Holmes actually argued on behalf of hanging as a form of punishment, though she tried to weasel out of it at first.

“Would you consider hanging barbaric?” Colmes asked her.

Holmes said, “I consider that it is an appropriate punishment for a mass murderer.”

“Hanging? You don’t think that is a barbaric act?” Colmes pressed.

Holmes tried to tapdance. “I don’t believe that the death penalty is a barbaric act.”

“I didn’t say the death penalty. I said hanging,” Colmes said.

“Hanging, I don’t believe if it’s carried out properly, that it’s a barbaric act.” Holmes responded. She must have a special affinity for ex-Senator George Allen.

Colmes said that Rangel’s office had not responded to their call. Rangel is a two-time News Hounds top dog. I hope he goes on the show and gives it right back to Hannity and Holmes.