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Fox Host Asks If Hillary Is Trying To Usurp Presidential Powers

Reported by Donna - January 17, 2007 -

Today on Studio B with John Scott filling in for Shepard Smith they had a segment on Senator Hillary Clinton's news conference. She was speaking about the troop levels in Afghanistan and Iraq and said that she was going to propose capping the number of troops in Iraq and requiring the president to get congressional approval in order to send more.

John Scott asked Juan Williams from NPR and also a Fox News Correspondant if this proposal would usurp presidential powers.

Williams said that you shouldn't undermine the president but you have to consider the American people's support or lack thereof.

Fox showed a good bit of Senator Clinton's press conference where she called for more troops for Afghanistan and a redeployment of troops from Iraq. She said she would not cut support for American troops but would cut support from Iraq if they didn't stand up. She said a phased redeployment was the only way of having Iraq stand up for themselves.

Comment: The Fox Hosts continue to call her Hillary or Hillary Clinton and do not call her Senator Clinton. Williams at one point caught himself and called her Senator Clinton. The only thing that Scott seemed worried about was if Senator Clinton's proposal would usurp presidential powers.

It seems to me that after four years of failure this president should be accountable for something when it comes to the war in Iraq.