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To Sean Hannity: Put Up or Shut Up!

Reported by Marie Therese - January 16, 2007 -

Hey, Sean, caught your snide little dig at the anti-war protesters last Sunday night (January 14, 2007) on Hannity's America. It sure was Hannitized - er - sanitized, wasn't it? The editing was pathetic, so bad that even your dyed-in-the-wool viewers had to have realized that you did some very creative cutting. Bet you're proud of yourself, aren't you? You and the FOX News editors really made those people look dumb and stupid while you, of course, came across as Mr. Cool. Well, Sean, here's a challenge for you and your "fair and balanced" network.

Let us, your viewing public, see everything your cameraman shot, not just the few badly edited snippets you aired last Sunday! You can post it on your FOX News site and, of course, include a signed affidavit swearing that it is the complete footage.

You see, I think you're a coward. I think FOX News lied by omission in this report. You certainly lied in the following exchange with an (unidentified) male protester. Either that or you're just plain ignorant of the facts.

HANNITY: "I think the Iraq war's a good thing."

MALE PROTESTER: "What's, what's good about it?"

HANNITY: "It's good because we're fighting a war against terror, against an unmatched fanaticism and we've got to defeat 'em 'cause we lost 3,000 people not very far from here."

MALE PROTESTER: "But the Pentagon - the Pentagon has said that the Iraq war breeds terrorists!"

HANNITY: "Nah. I don't believe it."

From the NIE (National Intelligence Estimate), April 2006:

We assess that the Iraq jihad is shaping a new generation of terrorist leaders and operatives; perceived jihadist success there would inspire more fighters to continue the struggle elsewhere. • The Iraq conflict has become the cause celebre for jihadists, breeding a deep resentment of US involvement in the Muslim world and cultivating supporters for the global jihadist movement. Should jihadists leaving Iraq perceive themselves, and be perceived, to have failed, we judge fewer fighters will be inspired to carry on the fight.

So, Sean, you don't believe John Negroponte, former Director of National Intelligence? It was his department that produced this report.

You shoved your microphone in the faces of the protesters, mugged for the camera and seemed to take narcissistic pleasure in your own superiority.

So I ask you: Was your report an edited version of the truth or the truth selectively edited into a lie?

Inquiring minds want to know.