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Ridiculous indeed

Reported by Chrish - January 16, 2007 -

Seen on O'Reilly's FOXNews.com page:

"Most Ridiculous Item

One of the bad things about doing "The Factor" is that we have to concentrate on what's wrong in America. We're watchdogs. That's our mandate. Sometimes it gets ridiculous to dwell on so much bad stuff.

But over the weekend, I was out in Scottsdale, Arizona. I had a benefit for a group called Childhelp, the largest charity in the USA assisting abused children. Now, this is a terrific group that literally saves lives every single day."

Kudoes to ChildHelp and the work that they do - it is saddening that there is such a huge demand in this country for such services. And I'll tip my hat to O'Reilly for lending his celebrity to assist them in fund-raising.

But as a self-proclaimed journalist on a self-proclaimed 24-hour "news" channel, self-proclaimed "watchdog" O'Reilly needs to get off his advocacy high-horse when it comes to matters of national politics. When he goes after segments of the American citizenry (Democrats, progressives, liberals, secularists, hip-hoppers, etc) with the same zeal he should reserve for child-molesters, he is no longer reporting for America, he's rabble rousing for a segment that agrees with him. It might be entertaining and good for ratings, but it's not fair or balanced.

Imagine if he put that energy into calling the administration on their misleading, their secrecy, their partisanship, their undermining of the Constitution, the signing statements, the vast corruption and cronyism - in an alternate world O'Reilly could be the Steve McQueen figure he imagines himself to be.