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On Fox, Reporting on Sunni Arab Rage Due to the Botched Hanging of Saddam Hussein is "Liberal Media" Propaganda

Reported by Melanie - January 16, 2007 -

My cable feed was out for most of the morning and on into the afternoon today (January 16, 2007), but it finally came back on at 4:35 p.m. ET, more than halfway through Your World w/Neil Cavuto. When it did, Cavuto was in the middle of yet another segment bashing the alleged crown jewel of the "liberal media, the New York Times, while downplaying -- trivalizing is a better word -- some critically relevant information the Times reported.

Today's focus was on two recent Times articles: Angry Protests in Iraq Suggest Sunni Arab Shift to Militants, which appeared on January 2, Iraq to Examine Abusive Conduct Toward Hussein, which appeared on January 3, and on the botched hanging of Saddam Hussein and his two cohorts.

As is the norm on Fox, the topic wasn't the outrage generated in the Sunni Arab community due to the way the executions were handled, which is very likely creating yet more terrorists who want to "hit us," but instead Fox focused on the Times allegedly being unsupportive of U.S. efforts and siding with "the terrorists."

The average U.S. news consumer, particularly those who consume Fox "News," will be the first to cry, "Why do they hate us?" when we are "hit" again, and what I saw today when my cable feed came back on is a good example of why:


...[T]his feeling of anger that is building in the Arab world that the Times states?

Brigitte Gabriel:

Neil, there's anger in the Arabic world no matter what. And it's actually...

Cavuto, interrupting:

In other words, they hated us before this, they hate us afterwards?


They hated us before this, they hated us after. This is not going to change anything. And actually, this was very organized considering other institutions in the Arabic world. If this was a truly Iraqi execution, without the influence of the civilized United States, these guys would have hanged in town square with people throwing their shoes at them...

Cavuto, interrupting:

Well, maybe, maybe that should have been done. Ah, yeah, I'm wondering Gary, in retrospect, this should have been handled like a Mussolini situation and the fact that it wasn't is what has made this bad.
Gary Gutfeld:
I don't know. I just think that the New York Times is worried about a dwindling readership but frankly, almost all people on death row are liberals so every time somebody is executed they lose a reader.
Okay. Brigitte, now the New York Times, I sometimes think, just likes to mess with folks because they can't seriously think that killing some bad people is going to be globally disruptive unless they want to mess with guys like you.


They're not going to be globally disruptive. Nobody gives a darn in the Arabic world. I looked at the Arabic media today. It's almost a non-story. They expect this.

Actually, the executioners of Saddam Hussein begged the American government for 48 hours, his attorneys begged America not to turn him over to the Iraqis because they knew. They knew what the Arabs were gonna do to the other Arabs. Ah, so, the New York Times needs to get off this story.

Comment: They hated us before, they hated us after; the New York Times is exaggerating, so why give a shit. Besides, Bush is making us safer and American Idol's on tonight, right?