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Michigan AG Commits Adultery, But Fox Leaves Out Party

Reported by Judy - January 16, 2007 -

The co-hosts of "Fox and Friends" had a little fun with a Michigan Court of Appeals ruling saying that people who commit adultery while committing another crime can end up in prison for life, but they left out the fact that the Michigan elected official who has been embarrassed by the ruling is a Republican. With video.

The ruling discussed Tuesday (January 16, 2007) was handed down by the court in November and had to do with a man who was charged in a drug case in which he had traded the drugs to a woman for sex. The life in prison sentence came about because adultery is a felony in Michigan, as is drug delivery, and Michigan law says that sex committed during commission of another felony results in life in prison.

The case was the topic of a column by Detroit Free Press writer Brian Dickerson. Dickerson noted that the case was an embarrassment for Michigan Attorney General Michael Cox, since his office had handled the appeal in the case and Cox himself had admitted to an affair in November 2005.

Cox is a Republican. People in Michigan reading Dickerson's column can be presumed to know that, I suppose, but people in the rest of the world wouldn't necessarily know that. Did Fox News' journalists reveal that? Why did they leave out his party affiliation? Were they afraid of undermining the GOP's image of the "family values" party?