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If Martin Luther King Were Alive, He’d Be A Target Of Hannity’s Bullyboy Bigotry

Reported by Ellen - January 16, 2007 -

Other than a 10-second tribute during one of the Hannity & Colmes breaks last night, 1/15/07, the show ignored Martin Luther King Day this year. That may be a good thing. On last year’s show, Sean Hannity used the occasion to mount attacks on African-Americans. First, he attacked King’s close friend and confidante, Harry Belafonte who had been too critical of Bush for Hannity’s taste. The next night, Hannity used King’s own words to portray New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin as anti-white. Can there be any doubt that if King were still alive he’d rise to the top of Hannity’s hate-list faster than you can say Hillary Clinton? Let’s look at how race and African-Americans are usually dealt with by Hannity.

1. It takes a special person to smear a funeral but that’s exactly what Hannity did repeatedly with the funeral of Coretta Scott King for being too anti-Bush. Dr. King was an outspoken critic of the Viet Nam war and was arrested 30 times for civil disobedience in support of civil rights. He would surely have been as outspokenly anti-Bush as his wife’s mourners and his old friend, Belafonte.

2. Hannity thinks civil rights activists are anti-white extremists. Sean Hannity became unhinged with hatred late last fall toward an African American civil rights attorney who called for a Congressional investigation into the use of force by police across the country. Rather than debate this important issue, Hannity spewed accusations of racism at James Myart who presented his ideas in a reasonable, even-handed manner that indicated no trace of racism. Hannity, on the other hand, seemed almost berserk with animosity toward a man who had done nothing to him. It was very clear which one was the real racist.

3. While Hannity showed no concern about how an unarmed black bridegroom died in a hail of police bullets in NYC last fall, he was highly interested in "the use of racial politics that may be used in this particular case." For Hannity, racial politics = black politics.

4. Hannity seems to think the real victims of racism are whites. One of his favorite guests is Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson who, in a recent Hannity & Colmes appearance, called civil rights activist Jesse Jackson “an evil man” and stated that whites are more discriminated against than blacks. Hannity serves on the advisory board of Peterson’s non-profit organization.

5. Hannity is often on the side of white bigots. He has been a staunch supporter of Mel Gibson, an anti-illegal vigilante making racist statements about migrant workers, Bill Bennett, Mark Fuhrman and Trent Lott.

6. Hannity superciliously dismissed African American concerns that race played a role in the Hurricane Katrina disaster relief.

7. He was more interested in whether or not New Orleaneans were looting and/or misspending their relief checks than he was in their welfare in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

8. Hannity has great enthusiasm for stories about black bigots and extremists. He was so fascinated by the case of a no-account bookstore owner who said whites should be exterminated that it got three discussions on Hannity & Colmes.He also has an endless appetite for discussing nearly any action or utterance by Louis Farrakhan or the New Black Panther Party. But the kind of issues that Martin Luther King would have addressed, such as the welfare of Katrina victims, the use of police force, voting rights, etc. elicit only disdain from Hannity.

Other than the ten-second acknowledgment of King, it was business as usual on H&C: bashing liberals and Democrats, white-victim crime analysis and girls gone wild. From the looks of the amateur video, the wild girls looked African-American.