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Fox Guest Calls Barack Obama - Empty Suit

Reported by Donna - January 16, 2007 -

Today on Fox On Line with Bill Hemmer he had two guests on to talk about Barack Obama's decision to conduct an exploratory committee into running for president. While the conversation could have been one of civil debate, one Fox guest had to let his partisanship show.

Mike Gallagher said that Barack was annointed by Oprah, that he has style, looks good, sounds good, looks like he came out of West Wing but that he was an empty suit, not much more.

David Corn from The Nation countered that Obama was not an empty suit. He said he was probably much smarter than the three of them and that he had been on the Harvard Law Review. He added that he might not have much experience but he was not an empty suit.

Corn tried to say that Hillary came back from Iraq and cancelled a press conference and maybe that had something to do with Obama's announcement. Hemmer said his sources didn't believe that was so. Corn added that Hillary had more infrastructure and money than Obama had and could give her a run for her money.

Gallagher interjected that Hillary should be trembling in her boots, that people don't hate Obama like they hate Hillary. Gallagher ended the segment by telling Corn not to write about Obama's ears in The Nation.

Comment: Sometimes you would just like an intelligent debate over possible presidential candidates, but this is something you don't get on Fox. Hate and snide remarks always have to be interjected, it is Fox after all. You have to get in the hate factor when it comes to Hilary and why make a remark about Obama's ears?