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Bill O'Reilly Is Not Looking Out For The Kids

Reported by Deborah - January 16, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly claimed tonight, 1/16/07, that he doesn't believe in the Stockholm Syndrome, a theory that kidnap victims form attachments and loyalty to their captors after long periods of captivity. According to O'Reilly the theory is too "glib"and he thinks Shawn Hornbeck stayed four years with his sexually abusive, violent kidnapper for other reasons. Debra Mandel, psychologist and author of Healing The Sensitive Heart was the expert assigned to discuss the issue but BOR wasn't too interested in what she had to say coming up with some hair curling theories of his own.

Mandel disagreed with O'Reilly firmly stating that Stockholm Syndrome does exist adding that the syndrome manifests differently and in varied degrees. Bill responded with, " It's possible but not probable." Always the supreme expert he advised Mandel, "I taught High School".

When he expressed disbelief that the 15 year old had been riding in police cars and still didn't seek help, Mandel suggested the boy had been brainwashed. O'Reilly found that idea foolish claiming,"Do you know how hard it is to brainwash somebody? We're dealing with a pizza parlor guy", referring to Hornbeck's kidnapper who worked in a pizza shop.

Then he came up with his own very insensitive theory. Suggesting that the 11 year old boy was " maladjusted" before the kidnapping , he set up a hypothetical scenario.The kidnapper, according to BOR, was able to lure the child with promises of no school and a truck to drive.

Mandel countered that this theory was a Tom Sawyer like fantasy and wouldn't mean more to a child who was used to a loving family. O'Reilly wasn't convinced acting as if he doubted that the victim came from a loving home insisting there was " something else"

He ended his segment with this cryptic comment.
" American parents need to know. They need to know. I hope I'm wrong."

comment: Nobody needs to know the details of this child's ordeal. He's home and safe after four years of trauma, abuse and fear. O'Reilly dares to claim he cares about child abuse, campaigning for Jessica's Law and demonizing judges for not giving harsher sentences. Yet, he never talks about the victims of this abuse or tries to create programs to help heal their damaged minds. In reality, O'Reilly couldn't care less about helping people because if he cared, he would have just kept his theories about Shawn Hornbeck to himself.