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Whatever Happened to the War in Iraq on Fox?

Reported by Judy - January 15, 2007 -

Fox News' morning news program just spent two hours talking about the day's top stories -- with barely mentioning the war in Iraq. What's going on?

Just last week, our glorious leader told us how important it is for the U.S. to win in Iraq. "Failure in Iraq would be a disaster for the United States," he insisted, so he had decided to send even more troops to what two-thirds of Americans have concluded is at least a lost cause, if not a misbegotten one in the first place.

And "Fox and Friends" co-host Gretchen Carlson thought the war was so important that she had to call one of the critics of the war -- Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-MA -- a "hostile enemy."

Yet on Monday (January 15, 2007), "Fox and Friends" found the war much less important than other things going on in the world. They had yet another update on the Duke lacrosse team members' case, they reported on the ice storm in Oklahoma, and they explored several segments on various angles in the case of two missing boys recovered in Missouri. They even had a segment on cooking soup made with mushrooms. And of course, they repeated the Fox News' attacks on NBC News, as Deb noted they did on "Fox and Friends First."

They did mention the hanging of two Saddam associates (10 seconds) and that some new troops have arrived (5 seconds), but the war itself got short shrift. What has happened to the Fox News personnel in Baghdad? Shouldn't they be filing stories about how happy the troops are that more troops are coming to help them? Couldn't they be doing "people on the street" interviews with Iraqis about whether they think more troops will bring stability to their country, or at least electricity?

Meanwhile, other news organizations were finding plenty to say about this war that already has claimed more than 3,000 American lives and untold thousands of Iraqi lives as well.

The New York Times reported on disagreements between the Iraqi and U.S. governments over
the deployment of more troops. It also had a story on the expansion of reconstruction plans for Iraq. And The Times reported that Defense Secretary Robert Gates is in Britain trying to sell Bush's Iraq escalation.

If success in Iraq is so important to the U.S., why isn't Fox News covering what is going on there? Perhaps it is a subtle admission that the war has become so unpopular that even Fox News viewers can't bear to hear about it anymore.