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"The Donald" Doesn't Get to Play His Trump Card

Reported by Marie Therese - January 15, 2007 -

Sunday morning at approximately 7:34 AM EST the trio of hosts on FOX & Friends Sunday - Greg Kelly, Kelly Wright and Kiran Chetry - reported that, during an interview with FOX host Sean Hannity, real estate tycoon and noted misogynist Donald Trump made negative comments about Rosie (yawn! so what else is new!) and, surprisingly, bad-mouthed Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. They also noted that Trump committed the cardinal sin in FOXworld - he heaped praise on Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY)!

"I see Condoleezza Rice - she goes on a plane, she gets off a plane, she waves, she goes there to meet some dictator," Trump said. "They talk, she leaves, she waves, the plane takes off. Nothing happens, it's a joke, nothing ever happens. I think she's a very nice woman, but I don't want a nice woman. I want someone that's not necessarily nice."

KELLY WRIGHT, FOX host, gospel singer and ordained evangelical minister: " ... he [Trump] does like Hillary Clinton."

GREG KELLY, FOX White House correspondent, Marine Reservist and son of NYC Police Commissioner Ray Kelly: "Ga-ga over Hillary Clinton, according to the New York Post."

WRIGHT: "Yeah. He says that Hillary Clinton is doing a great job bringing the country together."

KIRAN CHETRY, FOX host, new mom and wife of FOX weatherman Chris Knowles: "He said 'amazing' and he said what she's accomplished is unity. She hasn't made a misstep, so there is one woman he likes on TV."

KELLY: "Yep. Right. Hillary Clinton, meanwhile, is in Iraq at this very moment, I believe, if she's still there. She arrived there yesterday."

WRIGHT: "Yeah."

KELLY: "They like to keep their schedules somewhat on the down low but she is over there on another fact-finding visit. But, OK, Donald Trump likes Hillary Clinton. But, then, we gotta find one or two other women that he likes ..."

CHETRY: "Right."

WRITGHT: "Well, you can watch ..."

KELLY: "... other than six-foot models."

WRIGHT: "You can find out by watching in to Hannity - Hannity's America - Sean Hannity's America - tonight on the FOX News Channel. And - what time is that again?"

CHETRY: "Nine PM Eastern."

WRIGHT: "Nine PM Eastern. So make sure you tune in for that if you want to see more of what The Donald has to say about the women -uh - outside of his life, because we know that the women inside of his life - his daughter and lovely wife Melania - are very close to him and keep him in check. However, how-e-ver, he's taking exception with things right now."

Needless to say, as the designated monitor for Hannity's America, I tuned in to the show, fully expecting to see and hear a follow-up to the teaser story they ran, i.e. that Donald Trump would expand on his Condi and Hillary comments.

So, imagine my surprise (and anger) when the entire Hannity-Trump interview turned out to be nothing more than another in an endless string of calculated and vicious Donald Trump tirades against Rosie O'Donnell and Barbara Walters. At one point, The Donald said "Their ratings will be good as long as we do this thing with Trump and then their ratings are gonna tank like a dog. You watch it." Later he seemed genuinely upset that neither O'Donnell nor Walters took the time to read and respond on air to a letter he'd written.

DONALD TRUMP: " ... But, if you notice, they did everything but discuss the letter that I sent. See, I thought that they were going to discuss - in fact, I turned on The View for the first time in a long time (!)- because I thought they were going to discuss the statements that I made and the statements that I made in the letter concerning Barbara and what she said. And they didn't discuss it at all! So Barbara has never said that she didn't make these statements. Somebody should ask her the question: Did she make these statements or not? Because she's never said that she didn't make these statements. And I'd love to see Barbara tell me that she did not make these statements. She has never said that, Sean."

Comment: Hannity ignored the obvious inconsistency in Trump's statement, i.e., he claimed that he hadn't watched "The View" in a long time, yet frequently in the past two weeks he has described the demeanor of both women while they were on the show. Either he has or he hasn't watched "The View" recently. Which is it?

Hannity responded with a question right out of left field: "Well, you know what I want to ask you? Why do I suspect - you know you've been a businessman for a long time, you're a high profile individual - you know, New York is a one-party record state, meaning that, if one party decided to record a conversation, it's perfectly legal in New York and I don't know if anyone's even asked you. Did you record that conversation with Barbara Walters?"

Trump answered, "Well, I don't want to comment on that but I think Barbara probably feels that I did because she's not going out and saying she didn't say these things. So Barbara probably feels that I did."

Then, suddenly, a possible explanation of this whole stupid "feud" flashed into my mind.

Right from the beginning Trump has spoken of suing Rosie O'Donnell, claiming at one time that he was definitely planning on it. Why hasn't he filed the suit? Is it because Rosie didn't take the bait, i.e. she didn't explode in some kind of Fourth of July temper tantrum, thus providing him with grounds for a defamation of character suit?

When that plan failed, did he deliberately put Barbara Walters into an impossible double-bind, by applying pressure and waiting for her to deny his statements, all the time knowing he had taped her?

I can think of no other reason why Sean Hannity would ask The Donald if he had taped Barbara Walters. Does Hannity suspect something as well? Or is the right wing upset about Trump's Condi comments, so now they're hanging him out to dry?

Was this all an elaborate con game, with the ultimate goal being a lawsuit aimed at one or both extremely wealthy women? Would he have settled out of court for some large, undisclosed sum?

Or is it simpler than that? Is Donald Trump going through some kind of massive mid-life meltdown?

What do you all think?

Has this all been a publicity stunt? An elaborate set-up for a lawsuit? A personality crisis? Something else?

Can't wait to read what you have to say.

As for FOX News, they engaged in a classic "bait and switch". In the morning the FOX & Friends hosts led their viewers to believe that they would hear more from Donald Trump on Condi and Hillary.

And what did we get? More "I hate Rosie" and "Barbara is a liar" vituperation from "that poor, pathetic man."