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President & Vice President Get Center Stage On Studio B

Reported by Donna - January 15, 2007 -

Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith he had a segment on President Bush saying he didn't care about his plan for Iraq being unpopular with the American people.

Studio B had President Bush on first, one sentence from John Murtha and finished with Vice President Cheney in their not so balanced coverage.

The president said that he was making it clear he was not that nothing would get in his way. He said he was moving forward whether Congress approved or not. He added that he wouldn't be swayed by polls that show that the American people don't approve. He said he wouldn't change his policy for the sake of being popular.

John Murtha called it a "dribble of troops" and said the reason we weren't sending more is we had no more to send.

The segment finished with Cheney saying the consequences of failure are too great and the Democrats have absolutely nothing to put in it's place, repeating the oft used Republican talking points.

Comment: Typical on Fox to show more of the president's and vice president's side than the Democrats position or the American peoples opinion. Like fellow News Hound, Judy reported earlier, there was little news coming out of Iraq. And this segment was pretty much, maybe more than 2 to 1 in balance of this administration's side.