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Move Over Rosie -- Heartland Has a New Villainess

Reported by Melanie - January 14, 2007 -

NOTE: Guest blogged by Priscilla.

Fox News and the right wing are very upset about the comments Barbara Boxer made to Condoleezza Rice during the Senate hearings about President Bush’s troop escalation and John Kasich is doing his best to stoke the fires of righteous right wing indignation. Last night (January 14, 2007) he previewed his segment on the comments by asking, “Was Barbara Boxer’s slam of Condi Rice more of what we can expect when the Democrats are in charge?” As he spoke, the chyron read: “New Low.”

This was followed by video of Senator Boxer speaking to Dr. Rice:

I was making the case as to who pays the price for your decisions. Now the issue is: Who pays the price? Who pays the price? I'm not going to pay a personal price; my kids are too old, and my grandchild is too young. You're not going to pay a particular price, as I understand it, with an immediate family. So who pays the price? The American military and their families.

Kasich felt that Boxer’s quote was, “taking criticism of the war to a new low” because, “she was saying that because Rice didn’t have kids, she can’t made decisions about sending Americans off to war.” (Comment: No, John. She was speaking about who really “pays the price.”) John went on to editorialize that Boxer, “stunned an already tense Senate hearing and the White House isn’t letting go.” (Comment: Fox isn’t letting go either.) Of course Kasich added that Tony Snow called the comments an “outrage.” (Comment: Like the American people care what Tony Snow says?) And just to show that he wasn’t “letting go,” Kasich asked if Boxer’s comments were a, “cheap shot, the sort of the thing we can expect of the Democrats.”

Kasich asked his guests, Dr. Mark Lamont Hill, “liberal commentator from Temple University” and, “conservative talk show host” and “founder of the Center for Changing Worldviews,” Sharon Hughes, “What was she trying to say? I didn’t get it.” (Comment: When has John ever “gotten” anything?) Dr. Hill explained that, “from an administrative high point, it’s easy to send people to war.” He added that it, “was a poor way to make a point and there are other ways to criticize Bush.” While he spoke, the chyron read: “Boxer Refuses to Apologize for Rice Rap.” (Comment: I didn’t know that Boxer was into hip-hop!) Kasich said to Hill that, “you and I don’t have kids in Iraq; but that doesn’t mean how terrible it is…it’s a lack of civility…I thought that voters said we don’t want any of this crap…right out of the box…name calling and below the belt stuff.” Meanwhile, the chyron read: “White House says Boxer Comment an Outrage.”

Moving on, Kasich asked Hughes: “What are we going to do about this lack of civility?” Hughes responded that, “we have to make our voices heard;" that this was “a blow below the belt to a single woman.” She started to make what I thought would have been an interesting point about the disconnect between feminist ideology and their political agenda when Kasich cut her off by saying that he thought it was just a “jab” and he asked Hughes if she would hammer a Republican if the same thing happened, to which she responded, “Absolutely.” A new chyron read: “Rice Counterpunches Boxer Tirade.”

This is where Kasich really lost control and went into a “tirade” about Senator Joe Biden not wanting to go after Iran even though Iranians in Iraq are killing our soldiers. (Comment: I’m sparing you the disjointed quote.) Hill tried to interject that Iran was being, “used as a red herring to distract and distort real concerns that America has about the mishandling of Iraq.” Kasich would have none of that and interjected, “but, but…Iranians in Iraq…Biden says that Iranians are killing our people and we better not go into Iran and why not?” Hill started to say something and Kasich talked over him: “Someone is killing our people and I don’t support the surge. If Iranians are killing our people we gotta go get them.” And, thankfully, that was the end of the piece.

Comment: This “interview” was vintage Kasich and vintage Fox as it combined the incoherent editorial comment from Kasich with chyrons designed to make “Condi” look like the poor victim of Boxer’s aggression. Senator Boxer’s comment was certainly appropriate taken in the context of who really “pays the price” for Bush’s policy. When discussing the “tense” hearing, Kasich did not mention the hard hitting questions from Republicans on the committee. His lack of journalistic acumen was proven, once again, when he did not actually quote Senator Biden, but provided a garbled interpretation of Biden’s comments instead. Bush has lost the support of the American people and Fox is doing its best to smear Democrats at every turn. Kasich implied that the November vote showed that Americans wanted more civility. No, John, they wanted less corruption and more accountability on a war that they, the voters, no longer support.

NOTE: Guest blogged by Priscilla.