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Fox Fave Neal Boortz Compares Showing Pictures of Saddam Hussein's Dead, Ripped Neck to -- Yes -- Barbra Streisand

Reported by Melanie - January 14, 2007 -

One of the segments Fox aired tonight (January 14, 2007) on its new show, "Hannity's America," was titled "2 on 2." Hannity introduced it as a "segment that's two conservatives [he being one] and two liberals." The topic was: "[S]hould people be censored from seeing the graphic video of Saddam after his execution? We took it to the streets to see what many of you thought."

Switch to video of Hannity in what looked like a New York City subway asking "many" people (i.e., eleven): "Should we air this picture on national TV?" Of those questioned, two said "no," two said "not sure," and seven said "yes" or "sure."

Back to Hannity:

I think it's great to show this because we're sending a message -- this will happen to you if you are brutal. If you destroy people's lives. He murdered a million and a half people. It is a good idea.

Jane Fleming was the first to speak (Fleming was one of the two "liberals." Laura Schwartz was the other. Two men versus two women. That's another post.):

I don't think it was a good idea to hang Saddam. I think though, he should have been tried in an international court for crimes against humanity.

I don't think showing pictures of his neck with a hole in it ... makes any sense.

Back to Hannity:

The difference between Jane Fleming and myself is I don't believe in the international courts.

Hannity to Boortz:

Your thoughts.


Exactly, Sean! Look. He committed the crimes in Iraq. Let the Iraqis try him, not some international court. I want you to go into the street, Sean, and show people a picture of Barbra Streisand and, ah, ask them if they, ah, if you should put that on TV. See what their reaction's about.

Jane Fleming:

What's that about?

Comment: No kidding! What's that about?