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American Business Owner Receives Death Threats As Result of FOX News Story

Reported by Marie Therese - January 13, 2007 -

Yesterday morning (1-12-07), the toothy threesome on FOX & Friends - Steve Doocy, Gretchen Carlson and token brunette Brian Kilmeade - energetically reported that shortly after they aired an interview with the owner of fifty-nine Pizza Patron take-out restaurants, the man began to receive hundreds of hate mails and death threats. As Judy wrote in her original post on this topic, Antonio Swad, owner of Dallas-based Pizza Patron, inaugurated a new policy at his eateries. Swad contended that since 60% of his customers were Hispanic, he was offering to accept payment in pesos as a way of competing with rival companies.

Never ones to let the free market get in their way, Doocy and Carlson (with a wink and a nod from Kilmeade) delivered the good news to their listeners as only they can - with honey-dripped venom. This is one of those times I wish I had video recording capacity. Judy, who is our official video recordist, is at a conference in Memphis, so you'll have to imagine as you read the transcript below, the oh-so-sweet yet gloating delivery of this crass piece of hatred masquerading as "news."

GRETCHEN CARLSON (bossy): Alright, you wanna think pesos and pizzas for a minute?

BRIAN KILMEADE: Oh, I heard about this story.

CARLSON (delivered in her best demure Miss America voice with a big toothy smile): Because we've been covering this story this week about how this chain - Pizza Patron - has fifty-nine different outlets in Texas and Colorado and California and they were going to start allowing pesos to be paid for the pizza there because they say 60% of their customers are Hispanic and that this was a retail program for them, that for two months they would do a trial program. Well, we actually had the - uh - owner of Pizza Patron on the show the other day and he said, look, ya' know, we're just trying to be nice. Well now, guess what's happening? Death threats are coming in to Pizza Patron, hate mail over the pesos-for-pizza offer.


CARLSON: And I'm wonderin' if this peso thing is gonna be lastin' too much longer at this rate.

DOOCY: Well, the guy says that he's received hundreds of emails, some supportive, most of it critical, including death threats and just general hate mail. For instance, one email read "Quit catering to the damned illegal Mexicans." Now, here's the thing. After we ran - that's one of the email (sic) - we ran the interview with the guy and we did get a lot of email from people who said, you know, there are other stores along the border that take pesos and there are people up on our northern border who accept Canadian money as well, but here's the thing. We're talkin' about Dallas, Texas, and a pizza joint in Dallas, which is at least 400 miles from the border. We're also talkin' about Denver, Colorado, which is 700 miles away from the border. So, it just does seem to many that there could be another reason that they're doin' this, aside from the fact that, according to them, we're doin' a service to our many pizza customers who have a few pesos left over in their sock drawer.

CARLSON: You know what I was interested in in covering this story today? I was interested that [it's] only 60% of their customers that they believe are Hispanic. That's sort of a - you know, that's not as many as I thought it might be to actually outreach to them and say, hey, you can use pesos. I thought maybe they were going to say 90% of their customers were Hispanic, so it's an interesting fact to me that it was 60% of the customers and they decided to make this change. I'm wondering how long it's going to be in effect now?


Now, let me get this straight.

A few minutes before this segment, Steve Doocy reported that the town of Farmers Branch in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex suffered a loss of 20 to 50 percent in business because Hispanics refused to rent or shop there.

I don't think he can have it both ways. Either there are or there aren't a lot of Hispanics in the Dallas area!

As for Mr. Swad, it is clear that he has been the victim of a massive right-wing hate campaign, aimed at letting him know just how low Americans can sink in their hatred of others.

Let's counter it with a massive liberal write-in campaign, supporting his right as a businessman to accept any country's legal currency in exchange for his product.

You can contact Pizza Patron headquarters by clicking on the link below. It will take you to their online form. Or you can phone or fax them.

Telephone: 972-613-8000

Fax: 972-613-8014

Online contact form