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Bush - Rock Star No Longer

Reported by Donna - January 11, 2007 -

Very little time was spent on Bush's speech about the escalation of troops to Iraq today on Studio B with Shepard Smith. Most of the show was spent talking about the Duke rape case and how the accuser had changed her story once again.

They allowed for a small segment with White House Correspondant, Greg Kelly.

Kelly said that the president was speaking to the troops today to try and sell his plan to the American people and to the troops. He said that while Bush had been treated like a rock star in the past from military audiences, this time he received only polite applause.

Comment: I think the president's speech last night and today went so poorly that Fox is deliberately staying away from it. We heard about the Duke case, David Beckham, Barry Bonds, Rosie and Donald throughout the hour. It's better to stay with the non-stories than to put out the actual facts surrounding an escalation of troops in the Iraq war.

The truth of the president's speech is now approximately 70 percent of the American people are against this new escalation of 20,000 troops into Iraq. Maybe if the American people had reacted favorably, the whole hour would have been about his speech.