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Bill O'Reilly Claims Cindy Sheehan Thinks Anything That Hurts America Is Good

Reported by Deborah - January 11, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly joined his guest, Ninoska Perez-Castellon, in a free for all against Cindy Sheehan because she traveled with others to Guantanamo for a demonstration. O'Reilly introduced his guest as a member of the Cuban Liberty Council but she is also a popular talk radio host on Radio Mambi, known to be a powerful voice against Castro. Perez-Castellon claimed she asked Sheehan to intervene in Cuba to get her husband released from prison but Sheehan refused. It turns out that O'Reilly's guest has a significant tie with Jeb Bush and the White House.

Perez-Castellon spoke of the political prisoners languishing in sub human conditions in Cuba and she believes Cindy Sheehan should have taken this opportunity to criticize Cuban prisons instead of Guantanamo.

O'Reilly put on the familiar sneer of disgust explaining that Sheehan wouldn't say anything against Cuba since she was using them for a transit route to Gitmo. Both agreed she was a hypocrite. Then BOR took it a step further saying, " She's anti American. Anything that hurts America is good."

Perez-Castellon let the hate fly at this point." It's precisely the terrorists at Guantanamo who killed her son." " She's using her son's death to trash the U.S."

According to a report from Slate, Cindy Sheehan and her group did not enter Cuba easily. In fact, they needed to buy tickets in another country and will probably face some legal hassles when they return to the U.S.

Ninoska Perez-Castellon's group, Cuban Liberty Council, has very strong ties to Jeb Bush and the White House. The New Yorker magazine ran an article about to rise of this organization mentioning a speech Jeb gave at their annual dinner . Jeb Bush made an interesting comment about Guantanamo in that speech.

"Those who complained about the treatment of prisoners in Guantánamo, he said, would be better off fighting for Cuba’s political prisoners. He also said, “Now is the time to stop talking.” It was time “to create an action plan, so that the freedom of your beloved homeland, the freedom of our neighbor, will happen sooner rather than later. . . . And if anybody doesn’t believe that George W. Bush is a man of action, then they’ve been asleep for the last two years.” In his brother, he went on, “the Cuban people have a true ally in the fight for a free Cuba.”

A New York Times article, 9/06, reports that Perez-Castellon was one of 10 journalists paid by the Bush Administration to speak out against Cuba. The case is under investigation now. So it's no surprise for anyone that Bill O'Reilly and Ninoska Perez -Castellon found each other.