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When it Comes to the Troop Surge, the American People Don't Have a Voice on Fox

Reported by Janie - January 10, 2007 -

Just hours before President Bush is set to announce that he will be sending 21,500 further US troops into harms way, Fox News Correspondent Major Garrett filed a report on "Special Report" detailing Democrats' position on the move. The most obvious voices missing from the report? The American people and the troops on the ground.

Major Garrett opened the segment explaining that Democratic leaders met with the President today, and are opposed to the "surge", and how Democrats are "complaining" that they were not consulted with for the final decision.

Nancy Pelosi: "This was notification, not consultation."

Garrett went onto explain the options Democrats are considering including "putting the President's new plan to a vote", and not funding the escalation.

MG: "That falls way short of cutting off funds for the new Bush troop surge. Importantly, Democrats don't rule out blocking funds for new troops, they just don't detect the political momentum to take such drastic action, at least not yet. But they will try, along with grassroots anti-war activists, to build it."

Comment: Garrett is insinuating that the American people support the "surge", but ignores the fact that 61% of Americans already do not support this action. I don't believe this statistic has been mentioned on "Special Report" at all since these numbers were released.

Garrett later contined, "Rank and file Republicans, meanwhile, have yet to publicly embrace the President's plan in big numbers. Top Hill aides say long GOP backers of the war desperately need concrete answers to build support for this new phase of war."

Just before finishing the report, Garrett showed clips of Senate and House GOP leadership, including Mitch McConnell and John Boehner, speaking today in support of the President's plan.

Garrett finished, "The White House is obviously pleased with that show of support, but there is already conspicuous holes among some Senate Republicans backing the President's plan. Among them, Sam Brownback of KS and Norm Coleman of Minnesota have already put out statements today Brit, saying they oppose it. The Senate Minority Whip's office, Trent Lott, has come up with a list of 8 Republicans either skeptical or outright opposed to the President's new plan."

Garrett chose to mention only two Republicans that are against the plan, when at least 9 are opposed to the surge, and at least 12 have not made a determination.

But the most conspicuos voice missing from the report (outside of the 61% of Americans that are against the surge) are the voices of the US troops. Earlier this week, far-right Fox Contributor Oliver North stated that "nearly all" the troops on the ground in Iraq are opposed to the surge.

In a "fair and balanced" report, how could these critical opinions be completely ignored?