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Wesley Clark Sucks The Hot Air From Bill O'Reilly

Reported by Deborah - January 10, 2007 -

When Wesley Clark comes on The Factor, O'Reilly seems to lose energy as if Clark's straight talking clarity overpowers him. Tonight, Clark appeared a few minutes before Bush's speech and told viewers why the troop surge won't work and what we should do instead. 1/11/07

Clark started with a reminder that the administration expected our troops to be welcomed like it was the " liberation of Paris" calling it a "fantasy".O'Reilly annoyed argued that we were welcomed that way in Kabul. When Clark said Afganistan was oppressed by the Taliban, O'Reilly, shocked, brought up Saddam which often makes dissenting guests lose balance but not Clark.

Clark countered that the Iraqis were happy in many ways and once we invaded they lost a functioning society. When Clark started to discuss background dating back to 1991, O'Reilly detecting danger interupted and redirected with one of his hypotheticals. "Fast forward. You're the President..."

Clark said a group of the best diplomats should begin talks with neighboring countries " bringing a kit of carrots and sticks." He explained that the neighboring countries feel threatened by our aggression. " These countries made it impossible to succeed."

O'Reilly expressed doubt that diplomacy would work with Iran and Clark set him straight reminding him that we used diplomacy with the Soviet Union while 6000 warheads were aimed at us. He suggested that talking to Iran would keep them at bay until " the west seeps in".

At this point, Wesley Clark's intelligent reasoning and reminder of the way this country used to operate was extremely comforting. O'Reilly started in weakly using the " little chat " line which seemed to really annoy General Clark who shot back, " It is not a chat! "

It's interesting to note that in the next segment with Dick Morris, O'Reilly was suddenly defending Clark's position.