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Troop "surge" planner says increase will be sustained rather than short

Reported by Chrish - January 10, 2007 -

Frederick Kagan of the conservative American Enterprise Institue appeared on The Big Story today 1/10/07 to give some hints as to what Bush will be announcing in his speech later tonight, "the new way forward***" which John Gibson regurgitated repeatedly throughout the program. Kagan, one of the plan's developers, said it needs to be a substantial and sustained increase of American forces in Iraq.

Above all, he said, it needs to be a change in strategy and goals. Rather than trying to train Iraqis to establish security themselves, we will now focus on securing Iraq ourselves with the help of the Iraqis. That "changed mission" requires more forces.

Gibson said Bush "finally came around to this plan" and asked what convinced him?

Kagan said that everal things happened in December that convinced the administration that they needed to change course. Operation Together Forward II, intended to secure Baghdad, did not succeed, and "The Baker Group" report (which we know as the "Iraq Study Group" or the Baker/Hamilton Commission) played an important role.

According to Kagan, the ISG tried very hard to develop a middle course somewhere between "getting out and really increasing our effort, and trying to win." Its "spectacular failure to develop any kind of persuasive middle course I think really helped the administration to understand that there really wasn't another option. Stay the course was no good because the operation wasn't working, Bush was never going to withdraw and give up on this war because 'he understands' how important victory is. So this was the only option that really remained."

Comment: the unanimous recommendation of the bipartisan Iraq Study Group was a gradual draw-down of troops and diplomatic talks. That is also the recommendation of dozens of military commanders and members of Congress and the clearly stated wish of the majority of the American people. This administration is paying no mind except to people who say what it wants to hear in the first place, which is EXACTLY what got us into Iraq in the first place. trust FOX to present a neo-con mouthpiece as the final say on the issue.

***"The New Way Forward" is hijacked directly from the ISG's "The Iraq Study Group Report: The Way Forward - A New Approach. " Note that the Bush administration declined "the new approach" aspect. More war, more killing, more military $$$$$.