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"Spocko's Brain" Fights for Free Speech. Under Attack by ABC/Walt Disney.

Reported by Marie Therese - January 10, 2007 -

On November 26th, Deborah reported on right wing talk show hostess Melanie Morgan's threatening comments about Nancy Pelosi: “We’ve got a bull’s-eye painted on her big, wide, laughing eyes.” Morgan, whose show airs on ABC affiliate KSFO here in the San Francisco bay area, is a favorite guest on FOX News Channel and is also one of the founders of Move America Forward, an uber-patriotic shill for the Bush administration's ill-conceived and failed war policy. The blog Spocko's Brain decided to take action. With video.

The video below is of a report from that aired last night on CBS affiliate KPIX-Channel 5 in San Francisco detailing how Spocko single-handedly and successfully contacted some of KSFO's advertisers and provided them with audio clips of hate speech, resulting in a number of ads being pulled. ABC (owned by squeaky clean Walt Disney Corporation) is trying to stifle Spocko.

I expect we'll soon see poor, persecuted Melanie Morgan on FOX News, spewing more hate speech but also whining about how she's been the innocent victim of a coordinated assault by the "loony left wing"!

Warning: Includes language that is offensive.

More on this at Daily Kos.

UPDATE: Free Republic has started a campaign to oppose Spocko's efforts.

Here's a tribute to Spocko's video. Once you've watched it, log onto YouTube, then rate the video and leave a positive comment.