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Hemmer Interrupts Senator Bill Nelson For Breaking News - Pictures Of The White House Library

Reported by Donna - January 10, 2007 -

Today on Fox On Line, Bill Hemmer spoke with Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL) regarding the president's plan to put more troops into Iraq. While Nelson was telling Hemmer that he didn't think that more troops in Baghdad would work, Hemmer said that he was out of time because of breaking news they had. The breaking news? Pictures of the White House Library where the president would speak tonight.

Senator Bill Nelson is on the Foreign Relations Committee and he told Hemmer that he thought 10,000 troops should go into the Al Anbar Province instead of the 4,500 that the president is supposed to suggest tonight because in that area there are actual Al Qaeda. He said sending in the 17,500 troops to Baghdad that the president is supposed to suggest tonight would not help because it was a Sunni/Shiite problem, not Al Qaeda.

He insisted that a troop escalation in Baghdad will not help but of course the Congress will support funding for the troops.

Hemmer asked how far Democrats would go in challenging the president. Nelson said that was what they were trying to figure out with various hearings that were taking place every minute of every day. He wondered if a regional conference with the regional governments would be beneficial. He also said he spoke with the King of Saudi Arabia to get his tribal Sunni connections in Iraq to try and quell some of the sectarian violence.

Hemmer was still not getting the answer he wanted, he pushed on further and asked again if Nelson thought this was the last best chance to get things in Baghdad under control. Nelson said he didn't think this was going to do it. That the Iraqi's had to make up their minds in Baghdad that there was more pain in the sectarian violence than there was in trying to rectify and get together.

This is when Hemmer said they were out of time and apologized and said they had some breaking news to go to. What they went to were pictures of the Library in the White House where the president will give his speech tonight. He explained until 1902 it was a laundry room and didn't become a library until FDR's presidency. He even went to a video of a dune buggy type vehicle trying to climb a steep hill but it tumbled all the way back down. He said they believed the driver was alright. Then he went to the 'suspicious package' in the Miami area (which they went to several times during the hour only to say it was a false alarm at the end of the program). But at this juncture he just mentioned it in passing and went to a commercial.

Comment: Hemmer kept trying to get Nelson to say that the president's plan was the "last best chance in Baghdad" but Nelson wasn't biting. Nelson kept saying that it wouldn't help to increase the troops in Baghdad so Hemmer invented the breaking news story and stopped the interview short and we got to see the breaking news - pictures of the library where the president will give his speech tonight.