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FOX Big Story repeats "Sandy Burglar" slur as they speculate on how much worse the 2 year old scandal could have been

Reported by Chrish - January 10, 2007 -

OK, so Rep. Tom Davis of Virginia (who?) put out a new report that contradicts the findings of both Bush's Justice Dept. and the 9/11 Commission, accusing Sandy Berger of further crimes than those to which he has already admitted and been punished for. The Big Story today 1/10/07, taking its cue from management and repeating Hannity and Colmes unprofessional taunts, labeled the former official "Sandy Burglar" (aww, how clever) and did a segment that asked "Why is Sandy Berger not in prison right now?"

After six years of corruption, bribes, secret meetings, illegal behavior and non-partisan steamrolling FOX News is going to get tough on elected officials (D). Now it will be endless investigations and smears and allegations and exaggerations - no more missing white girls and wicked weather, they've got an opposition party to destroy!

Berger's taking of National Archive documents happened in 2003. He was investigated, 'fessed up, and though a plea bargain avoided a prison sentence but paid a stiff fine, over $50,000 in 2005. You can read all about this old story here.

FOX is bringing this up for one reason only - to portray Democrats in a bad light. We will never hear them ask why Rush Limbaugh isn't in jail, or Ann Coulter, or any other Republican who plea bargained their way out of incarceration. Fair and balanced? Ha.

Regarding Davis' statement, FOX's own website states

"Released by Rep. Tom Davis, R-Va., the report said Berger could have taken White House staff working papers that never were inventoried by the archives. In that case, nobody would know they were gone, the report said.

The Justice Department on Tuesday repeated its original position that no documents were withheld. Spokesman Bryan Sierra said the department "has no evidence that Sandy Berger's actions deprived the 9/11 Commission of documents, and we stand by our investigation of this matter."

But John Gibson and FOX Legal Analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano made a segment last three and a half minutes pondering what coulda happened, what woulda happened, and what shoulda happened to that Democrat.

Gibson concluded that "from now on, this is the Big Cover-up Story." Oh puh-leeeze! CIA agents outed, secret energy policy meetings, Downing Street memos, conflicting 9/11 witnesses, etc., etc., and THIS is the big cover-up? It is to laugh.