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Fair & Balanced? Not On Studio B When It Comes To The President's Troop Escalation Plan

Reported by Donna - January 10, 2007 -

Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith it was anything but fair and balanced when it came to coverage of the president's plan to increase and send over 20,000 American troops to Iraq. This escalation is being reported as a surge.

Shepard Smith said that the Democratic leaders where speaking and we should listen in. Well we got as far as Harry Reid saying, "Democratic and Republican Senators concerned about the escalation of war and we as Democrats..." it was cut off and went straight to a commercial break. When they came back from the commercial break they had a couple of minutes left of Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senator Harry Reid with Reid saying that he was at a loss for what they were going to do with the additional troops and Pelosi saying it was 'notification' and not 'consultation'.

This was a total of about a couple of minutes of coverage at best, even with the cut off in midstream of Senator Reid speaking. Later in the show Smith went to Dan Senor, Fox News Correspondant, who spoke glowingly of the plan of the president. He received a good five minutes of coverage.

Right after Dan Senor, Smith went to the Republicans minority leaders and had uncut and uninterrupted talks from both of them for a good three or four minutes.

Later on in the show Smith went to Bill Krystal from the Weekly Standard who waxed poetically about the plan that the president was coming forth with. Krystal got a good five to six minutes to speak about how he, himself, wasn't a military expert but he thought this was a great plan.

Comment: The whole show was slanted toward the president today. Not ony did the Democrats get minute time compared to the Republicans, they were also cut off. There was no fair and balanced on Studio B and I doubt we'll see any the rest of the night leading up to the president's speech.

Another thing that stood out? At one point Shepard Smith called the parties, "the Dems and the Republicans." Not the Democrats and the Republicans, not the Democrats and the Repubs. He purposely used a slur when it came to speaking about the Democrats. Sometimes it's the little things that really show you how the Fox News Channel sets out to speak derogatorily about the Democratic Party.