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Carl Cameron Uses Photo of Barack Obama on the Beach in an Entirely Unrelated Story

Reported by Janie - January 10, 2007 -

With the Democrats winning the 2006 election, Fox has turned it's sights on the upcoming 2008 Presidential election with the intention of providing as much positive coverage for Republicans, and smearing Democrats as much as possible.

Carl Cameron went along with this tactic last night (1/9) during "Special Report" when he filed a report from Manchester, New Hampshire on the primary scheduled to take place there January 22, 2008. The report, which discussed the chances of both parties frontrunners, chose to use the recent photo of Barack Obama on the beach, in an attempt to trivialize him, when his candidacy was discussed.

Updated with video.

Carl Cameron opened with wild speculation presented as fact, "The time table for the launch of the Clinton and Obama presidential campaigns is beginning to take shape, and when they get here to New Hampshire they will find a different type of campaign trail than in years past."

Comment: IF. If they get to New Hampshire, Cameron!

Cameron went on to explain that Independent voters in New Hampshire, who he claimed typically voted for the GOP, changed directon in 2006 and allowed Democrats "huge electoral gains." Cameron, of course, did not account for this shift but analyzed how this could affect the candidcy of moderate Republicans, particularly John McCan who is supporting Bush's plan to escalate the war in Iraq.

CC: "New Hampshire polls suggest New Hampshire voters are turned off by McCain's proposal to increase US troops in Iraq.

Comment: Passing the buck already it seems!

Cameron proceeded to go over the list of 2008 Republican contenders including Mitt Romeny, Rudy Guiliani and former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore. With each candidate discussed, Cameron played video of them in the background. In each video clip, the candidates were all professionally dressed and were attending campaign events or were on the floor of the Senate. Not so when the topic changed to the Democratic frontrunners.

When the topic turned to Senator Barack Obama, Cameron chose to use this photo as the backdrop for the story, which was completely irrelevant.


"On the Democratic side, Barack Obama was captured by a paparazzi on the beaches of Hawaii over the holidays. Sources say he plans to form his exploratory committee in February."

Comment: What precisely, does being captured by the paparazzi have to do with launching an exploratory committee, unless it's being used to trivialize the Senator and his candidacy?

From there, Cameron returned to Fox's other favorite boogeyman, Hillary Clinton and creating controversy where there really is none.

"New York Senator Hillary Clinton is on a similar timetable. The New Hampshire Democratic Party plans a major fundraiser in early March so that she can file her exploratory papers in February then headline the Granite State gala.

Clinton's prompted some frustration in New Hampshire by courting her husband's '92 supporters but not so much the newly elected Democratic power brokers that took over the Granite State last year.

New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman, Kathy Sullivan."

KS: "I wouldn't want to throw away the people from '92, you've got to somehow incorporate all the new people on the scene, and there are many more of them than that handful of people that were the original Clinton supporters in '92."

Comment: WOW! What a huge controversy! Clinton is courting supporters she already has! What a shock! Call the authorities!!

Cameron finished this pathetic piece of "journalism", "Across the country, Clinton has a very large campaign organization in waiting. But it hasn't seem to scare up any of her potential Democratic rivals. The 2004 nominee John Kerry is beefing up his Senate staff indicating he could make an announcement to get in the race, in just a matter of a couple of weeks. And even Al Sharpton has said he doesn't see any reason why he shouldn't run. Tacit criticism of Kerry, Clinton and Obama from the Reverend."

Cameron, who got in trouble during the 2000 election for fabricating an interview with John Kerry, seems up to his old tricks of presenting biased information to viewers in order to level support for the 2008 Republican candidates. Cameron seems particularly enamored with criticizing and trivializing Senator Barack Obama, in an attempt to neutralize his ever increasing popularity.