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O'Reilly on the reality of the system: Democrats don't have any input at all; he (Bush) can do what he wants.

Reported by Chrish - January 9, 2007 -

In a strange segment on The O"Reilly Factor last night 1/8/07, Kirsten Powers' usual opponent, Michelle Malkin, was replaced with another Democratic Strategist, Laura Schwartz. You'd think the women would be able to tag team and make O'Reilly concede his point, but Schwartz agreed with him (in a sense) and he loudly championed their agreement. With video.

O'Reilly contends that Speaker Pelosi and the House Democrats are posturing in saying that

Iraq is "not an open-ended commitment anymore, but we will always be there to protect our troops and to support our troops. The burden is on (Bush) to justify any additional resources for a mission."

It's a charade, said O'Reilly, and with "all due respect" to Bob Schieffer on Face the Nation (who "sat there like a lump of coal"), he knows it was a charade. Bush is commander-in-chief and Nancy Pelosi is helpless; Bush will send more troops if he wants to and the Democrats can't stop him; he can veto whatever they do, and they'll never get it passed in the first place. So why play the game?

When Powers tried to say that Pelosi wasn't saying that she would try to stop Bush, O'Reilly got in her face and said that Bush could say "Hey Nancy, blank you. I'm gonna do what I want." Powers replied "He could, but he shouldn't" and O'Reilly agreed that he shouldn't, while in the background Schwartz said "He has for the last six years."

Powers said that Congress is going to do their job of oversight, unlike the past Republican majorities, and O'Reilly said "but she isn't going to do it." Powers persisted, that Congress would have hearings and debate the issues, and if Bush covers his ears and ignores them that's his choice.

O'Reilly insisted, "with all due respect" to Powers and Pelosi, that Congressisn't going to do anything - they're not going to pull the funding, all they're going to do is snipe at Bush. He kept making the point that Bush is c-i-c and can do what he wants, they don't have any input at all, and Powers finally said "so you just think Bush should be a dictator." Of course O'Reilly denied that, saying he's just telling her what the reality of the political system is. When she said that they can hold hearings, and conduct oversight, and frankly Bush should be willing to listen, O'Reilly scoffed "they can hold hearings" and turned to Schwartz, asking if she knew what he was talking about: "It's all a posture; it has nothing to do with reality. Americans think, ooh, Nancy Pelosi is going to stop him from sending the troops (mugging for the camera) - it's bull!"

Schwartz said it has everything to do with 2008 and the success of this Congress and he yelled and jabbed joyfully "A-HAAA! There you go - Laura Schwartz, everybody!" Schwartz continued to say that the Democrats would be positioned to say "I told you so; we did hearings, " and O'Reilly overtalked loudly and demanded "how about that lump of coal, Schieffer, how come he didn't say that..." and went on and on about Bob Schieffer, drowning out Laura Schwartz, who had served her purpose. (O'Reilly kept saying that she should be hosting Face the Nation.)

O'Reilly cried "Bull!" again at the straw-man argument that people expect Pelosi to stop Bush, despite protestations from both women. While agreeing that Democrats would force oversight and hold hearings, he maintained throughout that it's all a show and Bush holds ultimate, unassailable power. In a most audacious moment, he wrapped up the segment saying "Some people put politics ahead of what's good for the country", clearly meant to impugn Speaker Pelosi.