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Neil Cavuto Lies to His Audience Then Calls Them "Poor Slobs" Because They Don't Know "What's Really Going On"

Reported by Melanie - January 9, 2007 -

Neil Cavuto is leading the right-wing charge in the tried and true, decades old Republican tactic of scaring Americans into thinking that Democrats are going to tax them out of house and home. For example, last Thursday, Cavuto hosted a roundtable discussion with some of his fellow Fox "business" types titled, "Day 1 of Dem Congress: Day 1 of Class Warfare?" Yesterday Neil Boortz was Cavuto's guest in a discussion titled, "Dems and Taxes: Is Anyone Safe?" and today (January 9, 2007), Tom DeLay opined in a segment captioned: "Tax Hike Coming? Listen to What Dems are Saying!"

After Cavuto introduced DeLay with, "I'm connecting these dots here and I see a tax hike," DeLay, ever the liar, told some choice ones:

- "You're going to see many tax hikes."

- Democrats are going to, "take the spending on the war...put that on-budget...so that they can start starving the soldiers while they take money from defense to pay for their other spending."

- Taxes will "spread like wildfire."

- "To a Democrat, a rich person is a person who makes $60,000 or more a year."

Capping off this blitz - that no doubt kicks off a theme that will run through his show until November, 2008 - Cavuto claimed in today's "Common Sense" editorial that Democrats will raise taxes, "First on the wealthy, who they suspect can pay, then on every other poor slob, who they suspect haven't a clue what's really going on." Then, in a watchin'-out-for-the-folks move, he says he's "on it." (Way to talk about your audience Neil. Guess you took a lesson from Boortz, huh?).

What a symbiotic relationship this is. Instead of reporting facts, Cavuto lies and exaggerates, turning his audience into the "poor slobs" who don't know what's "really going on" that he abhores...but that he can't live without.