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FOX Kicks Off Walmart's New Image Bolstering Ad Campaign

Reported by Deborah - January 9, 2007 -

Cavuto joined O'Reilly tonight to supposedly discuss Walmarts new TV ad designed to bolster their tarnished image with the American public. After airing the gushy, flag waving spot and blaming Walmart's problems on Democrats, Cavuto claimed he told Walmart not to waste their money on the ad because America appreciates them anyway

FOX has been trying to bolster Walmart in recent weeks using their usual tactics. Bill O'Reilly had a poll on his website asking " Is Walmart good for America?" A few weeks later he announced that 80% answered yes to the poll question. BOR was full of praise for the company because they told their employees to say Merry Christmas this season which didn't seem to help their sales.

On Fox & Friends First, 1/2/07, Kiren Chetry announced that Walmart was going green because they were seriously pushing energy saving flourescent light bulbs and were planning " a light bulb summit" with other retailers to convince them to do the same.The F&F trio acted as if these bulbs, on the market for many years, were a new innovation adding that FNC had included the bulbs in their holiday gift bags. Wonder who provided the bulbs for the FOX crew?

Cavuto blamed the chain's problems on politicians like Barack Obama and John Edwards and O'Reilly added Walmart was being used as a political "pinata".

Yesterday in a press conference community leaders challenged Walmart to improve the treatment of their employees.

"Wal-Mart has positioned itself squarely in the path of workers andcommunities seeking to realize Dr. King's dream of civil and economic equality," said Tracy Gray-Barkan, Director of Retail Policy at LAANE and author of the new report. "It's time for Wal-Mart to address the real
problems it creates for communities instead of trying to fix its image through multi- million dollar public relations campaigns."

Cavuto tried to make poor Walmart a victim telling O'Reilly, " You should know. When you're successful, you become a target." He praised Sam Walton as a visionary who wanted to help "low income folks" adding that everyone thought he was " an old kook". but it was a huge success. Cavuto claimed he told Walmart, " Don't waste your money" because the ads aren't needed. " Most Americans know it's a great deal" and he was sure to mention the elderly getting drugs for $4.

Cavuto's advice for Walmart was, " Tell the politicians to shove it!"

For the truth, Robert Greenwald's Wal-Mart: The High Cost Of Low Price is a must see.