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Again, O'Reilly questioning and belittling justice system

Reported by Chrish - January 8, 2007 -

The latest target of O'Reilly's shrill ire is the Brown County (WI) DA, John Zakowski, who appeared on The Factor tonight 1/08/07 to defend his office's decision to grant bail to an illegal immigrant charged with groping a 12-year-old girl. The accused, Paulo Sheispan-Landero, is "believed" to be back in his hometown of Monterey Mexico after skipping bail.

O'Reilly shouted and overtalked the quiet, calm DA and finally pulled out his weapon of last resort: he asked the emotionally charged question of "what if it was your daughter?"

The DA maintained that the bail was commensurate with other, similar cases and also asserted that 95% of illegal immigrants charged with crimes in his area make their court appearances.

Factor producer Jesse Watters was sicced on Court Commissioner Lawrence Gazeley, who gave Landero the $5,000 bond, after the commissioner declined to speak to the Factor. Watters brought his crew to Grazeley's home and, when Grazely still refused to answer questions, trespassed and followed him to his (closed) door.

This is the Factor's m.o., harassment and stalking of members of the judicial system with whom O'Reilly disagrees. Nothing came of the interview except to allow O'Reilly to behave indignantly outraged, and adding another piece of "evidence" to his bogus case that the courts are liberal and uncaring.