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Heartland Girls Gone Wild?

Reported by Chrish - January 7, 2007 -


John Kasich’s Heartland sensibilities are offended by today’s pop culture and especially incensed by Rosie O’Donnell. Yesterday 1/6/07 in a discussion with “Apprentice” contestants Omarosa Manigault and Bill Rancic, Kasich said that “it’s only a matter of time until someone stands up to Rosie because she’s not America’s culture critic.” (Right, that's Bill O’Reilly’s job.) Kasich then proceeded with a litany of O'Donnell's offenses: attacking Christians by saying that they are as threatening as radical Islam, calling Kelly Ripa homophobic, telling America not to fear terrorists because they’re mothers and fathers too, attacking the Pope, and calling Trump a pimp. (This list of comments had no accompanying context, but when has context ever been important on Fox?)

Omarosa replied that this is what Rosie is paid to do and it brings ratings and drama. Kasich would have none of this and asked if “this is like watching a train wreck and isn’t this a matter of time until she says the one thing that pushes everybody away from the show because sensible Americans won’t want to listen?” (Comment: if people listen to Hannity and O’Reilly, they’ll listen to just about anything; but then again, is the Fox audience sensible?)

Rancic, sticking up for “the man.” said that the Donald is a “spirited guy and a fighter” and Rosie “threw the first punch and he came back with full guns blazing.” Kasich responded with a rare rational comment about Trump perpetuating the feud. This rare moment of lucidity quickly passed when Kasich asserted, “do you expect her producer to tell her to knock it off’ and then predicted that “if she keeps it up she’s not going to be on.”

Omarosa, along with “conservative culture columnist” Christine O’Donnell, was also featured in a later discussion previewed by Kasich as “more and more girls are misbehaving,” under which the chyron read “why do bad girls seem to be worse than ever?”

Kasich cited, as examples, videos of girls fighting on You Tube and misbehaving cheerleaders. (Comment: white girls from the Heartland – how shocking!) Kasich posed the question “how are young girls supposed to grow up to be leaders when their role models (Paris Hilston, Brittany Spears, and Miss Nevada) have no class?” which prompts girls to demean themselves and “put themselves up as sexual objects.” As Kasich was speaking, the right side of the screen was filled with images of Paris Hilton washing herself and a fancy car.

Omarosa said that she was not allowed to act like this and that while Shirley Chisholm (Comment: do Fox viewers know who that is?) was her role model, today’s girls don’t have many role models. Kasich blubbered about girls “taking off their clothes, getting caught being out drunk, all this nut stuff going on.” (Comment: sounds like the behavior of some recent GOP congressmen). He mentioned names of women that he felt were “real role models” – Mandy Moore and Carrie Underwood. (Comment, the webpage for Ms. Moore, a country singer, shows her clad in naughty black lingerie with a come-hither look).

Kasich said that his mother-in-law, in reacting to the bad cheerleaders, commented how cheerleaders used to be about getting the fans revved up and “now it’s all about making them sex objects.” (Comment: while cheerleading is an athletic activity, there has always been a sexual component.)

Ms. O’Donnell, (whose columns aren’t readily available on Google) gave a little homily about sex being a “communion with someone in which we express God’s love.” It was amusing, considering the earlier segment, when she noted that Donald Trump was part of the problem.

After Omarosa cited the need to present more positive role models like Hillary Clinton and Dr. Rice, Kasich said that he didn’t want to be a “fuddy-duddy” but he has daughters and doesn’t want them growing up with the type of role models that today’s culture promotes.

Comment: Kasich complains about negative role models in today’s media on a “news” station that never wastes an opportunity to present salacious stories and suggestive film clips of “objectified women” at every opportunity - as evidenced by Neil Cavuto and his legion of Victoria’s Secret models and pole dancers. How many times have we seen, during prime time, the same clip of Miss USA strutting her stuff across the stage? While Fox revels in Brittney, Paris, and Lindsay, they vilify educated and competent women like Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi. Their stable of women “commentators” follows a right wing ideology which is hardly supportive of strong and independent women. And why are girls, who get rowdy, treated differently than boys who engage in the same behavior? Fox rarely mentioned the drunk and disorderly conduct of the Duke Lacrosse team. Stories of “girls gone wild” and stars without underwear do provide titillation – and for Fox, it’s not about exposing “immorality.” It’s all about the ratings and the cash it brings.