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Dennis Miller Rejoices In Saddam’s Execution And Hopes For More “Celebrations”

Reported by Ellen - January 7, 2007 -

Once again, Dennis Miller outdid himself with nasty cruelty offered up as clever humor. Friday night (1/6/07) on Hannity & Colmes, Miller exulted over the “great, great holiday season topped off by the knowledge that they finally hung that despotic mistletoe, Saddam Hussein.” Miller also looked forward to more “piñatas” next New Year’s.

Miller was so happy, he said, “Like many of you, I finally broke out the good stuff.” Miller must have been still a little tipsy, then, because he couldn’t seem to make up his mind whether to credit the Iraqis or President Bush for all that joy. “One thing I’ve noticed over the break is that when good things like Saddam’s hanging happen, the president’s detractors are loath to credit him,” Miller said early on in his editorial. But later, he emphasized the Iraqis’ responsibility. “Although things got a little YouTubey at the end,” he said, the path to the hanging was done “in exactly the right way: An arrest, an incarceration where he wasn’t torn asunder and a fair trial by the locals.”

Miller’s head must have been really spinning from all that excitement. Because just after glorifying the civility of the process, he gloated over its frontier-style justice. “Don’t buy it… that what happened to Saddam Hussein was an abomination… The clarity of this event was breathtaking… It’s good, old-fashioned Zane Grey justice.”

From there, Miller was ready to dispense with courts and trials altogether. “Oh and by the way, I hope everybody took note of what a chaotic and interminable trial (Saddam Hussein’s) was because it would no doubt be a template for what is to come if we ever start parading these lunatics at Gitmo into traffic court.”

Clearly, Miller is impatient for more hangings. “Now next up, we must resolve to find Muqtada al-Sadr and give him the full piñata. It might take a while but hopefully we can toast his swinging (there was a “cute” little graphic of two champagne glasses clinking) next New Year’s Eve.”

You can watch the video on FOXNews.com.