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John Gibson Tells Jesse Jackson Middle Class Is Doing Fine

Reported by Deborah - January 6, 2007 -

Jesse Jackson appeared on Big Story. 1/05/07, to talk about the economic problems facing the middle class but John Gibson refused to accept that these economic problems exist. He opened the segment with the question. " Why do the Dems critcize our booming economy?" Then he acted like Jackson was crazy to believe the middle class was suffering.

Gibson told Jackson that it was a "mystery" to him because the economy here is "roaring along" and the Republicans get no credit.

Jesse Jackson calmly replied that although it was booming for some people the " middle class guy is going down" Jackson talked about the loss of manufacturing jobs the rising health care costs which are all realties that Gibson was pretending not to know about.

Gibson sounding exasperated responded like a true bubble-boy, " Explain! We have full employment. Who is it?" Jackson commented about the source of Gibson's statistics but it was clear that Gibson was set on advancing his absurd distortion.

comment: What conclusion can we reach about Gibson's insane performance. We have the usual options here. Either Gibson is a bold faced liar or he is totally unaware that there is a working middle class in his America. Of course, there is a third option to consider. John Gibson knows the middle class is hurting but really couldn't care less as long his economy is roaring and his tax cuts stay in place.