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On Fox, Washington Post Is the New New York Times

Reported by Judy - January 4, 2007 -

Now that Fox News can't steal any more news from the news organization it loves to hate, where does the "fair and balanced" cable channel get its news? From another prominent member of the hated liberal media, of course. With video.

Two days ago, Steve Doocy, chief bozo on the "Fox and Friends" morning show, first made fun of The New York Times and then proceeded to build the newscast around it, taking three stories from it (only one attributed) and reading a line nearly verbatim from one story without acknowledging it.

The next day, Doocy and friends quoted from four other newspapers by name, completely avoiding The Times.

On Thursday (January 4, 2007), it was Washington Post day for Mr. Happy.

"Fox and Friends" not only paid tribute to the Post by quoting it in a couple banners, it also lifted three stories from it. All three came from a column by Lois Romano, "In the Loop: On the Hill."

Mr. Happy began the broadcast with Romano's lead item, "Passed Over by Pelosi, Harman Doesn't Get Even. She Gets Mad," discussing the relationship between Nancy Pelosi and Jane Harman.

Later in the show, Mr. Happy and friends borrowed Romano's item regarding John and Theresa Heinz Kerry's Christmas card.

And they even lifted Romano's piece about Sen. Tim Johnson's staff consulting with Sen. Joe Biden's staff concerning how to handle his affairs during Johnson's recuperation from brain surgery. Biden was incapacited himself once for eight months.

So nice of Romano to do all the legwork for Doocy's crew. This way, rather than actually gathering news, Mr. Happy and friends can spend more time complaining about how bad the liberal mainstream media is. And boss Rupert Murdoch can save on staff.