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On Fox, Democrats are Fractured, Ego-Driven Power Trippers Waging a Class War

Reported by Melanie - January 4, 2007 -

Fox News didn't waste a minute today during Your World (January 4, 2007) - or pause for so much as a second and pretend to celebrate the "Dems" victory - before launching into a tirade about how awful the "Dems" are and holding them to account for allegedly doing many of the things Republicans have done over the past six years but which Fox never called them on.

The first segment featured a guy named Jackson Bain, identified as a "communications specialist," who addressed the issue of whether "Dems" are "botching it" in an "ego-driven power trip." The segment highlighted the festivities taking place in Washington and gave Cavuto an opportunity to tell the audience that Nancy Pelosi has allegedly been partying for four days at events such as a $1,000 per person dinner. On Fox, Democrats hold $l,000 per person dinners because they're greedy egomaniacs, but Republicans hold them because they are so righteous that people can't donate enough to their cause.

The second segment featured Roy Blunt (R-MO) in a segment captioned: "GOP Shut Out in First 100 Hours." During the nearly three years I have monitored Your World I have never, ever seen a segment about how the GOP shut Democrats out of the process, but literally minutes after Nancy Pelosi is voted in and Democrats take power, Fox gives airtime to a Republican so he could lie like a rug: "We didn't stiff them...our rules were more expansive...we want to work with the Democrats to solve the problems that the American people want to see solved."

Next came Jessie Jackson who was on to talk about whether the Iraq war will "fracture the Democratic party." Cavuto did everything he could to get Jackson to say yes, but Jackson wanted to talk about the war instead of the supposed "fracture:" "The plan to end this war...must be a part of any real agenda." And, "There must be some process of getting out." Despite Jackson's persistence, Fox's point was made: "Dems" ARE fractured, never mind this, this and this.

Following Jackson came a roundtable consisting of Cavuto and three cast members from Fox's Saturday morning "business bloc." The topic was: "Day 1 of Dem Congress: Day 1 of Class Warfare?" Meredith Whitney summed up the unanimous feeling among the panelists: "Democrats have made hay on class warfare for the longest time so if they stir the pot on class warfare -- and most people in America actually are doing so much better over the last six, seven years -- but if the Democrats are successful in telling a different story, they have a better chance of getting the White House in 2008."

And finally, wrapping up the hate feast was Barney Frank (D-MA) who was on to talk about whether or not "the government should regulate CEO pay?" (Think communism here, folks.) That question was a typical Fox News straw man because Frank, who wants to give shareholders the power to vote on CEO compensation and take it out of the hand of boards of directors, has never been in favor of the government regulating CEO pay. Frank had to do a fair amount of yelling in order to get his point across which Cavuto, perferring Fox's lie, just did not want to hear.

Comment: I can't wait to see more "fair and balanced news" on tomorrow's show.