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Hannity Displays Ignorance Of Sunni, Shi’a Sectarian Differences

Reported by Ellen - January 4, 2007 -

Sean Hannity seemed unaware of the sectarian differences in Iraq as he puzzled over the Arab world’s outrage against the Saddam execution. On last night’s Hannity & Colmes, Hannity repeatedly cited Saddam’s brutality to “Muslims,” lumping them all together, as if that should have been enough to outrage and unite the entire country to support the execution, no matter what the circumstances. Two excellent guests put him in his place. With video.

Hannity dismissed Sunni sentiment about the procedure by asking Osama Siblani, of the Arab American News, “Is that your big complaint… a few minor tauntings?”

Siblani responded, "You should hear me very well. I do not think we should give him the Congressional Medal of Honor." He went on to say that it was the worst timing, that this is a time to try to bring the Sunni and Shia together. "Now we're pushing the civil war deeper."

Hannity tried to argue that there isn't a civil war. “That's your opinion but the reality is…”

Siblani interrupted, “It's pretty obvious…” He went on to say that the punishment applied was “cowboy style.”

Hannity argued that it wasn’t Americans but Iraqis.

Siblani dispatched that argument, too. “Come on! …If you want to insult the intelligence of the viewers, go ahead.”

Sherif Amir, an anchor on Alhurra TV, said it doesn’t matter what he thinks but that Arabs "on the ground" agree with what Siblani said.

Siblani later told Alan Colmes "We wanted to have a free, democratic, lawful administration in Iraq. Is that what we're supporting? Lawless, cowboystyle, revenge, you know, very low class execution?"

Hannity’s tone remained uncharacteristically respectful during the interview but he didn’t bother to hide his peevishness as he continued to ignore the Iraqi perspective and argued that the execution was a good thing.