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Giuliani camp alleges campaign '08 plans stolen, not lost

Reported by Chrish - January 4, 2007 -

Douglas Kennedy reported yesterday 1/3/07 on The Big Story that the Giuliani camp is claiming that the now-public campaign plans for presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani had to have been stolen from a private airplane at a campaign stop (and photocopied) rather than left behind and found in a hotel room as FOX says was reported by the NY Daily News. Furthermore, he said the campaign is also denying reporting in the NY Post (another News Corp. holding, though not mentioned) that the papers were stolen by a member of newly-elected Florida Governor Charlie Crist's staff when Giuliani was campaigning for him last year.

Nobody at FOX brought up the salient point that Republican Giuliani, who will doubtless run hard on a national security platform, couldn't even keep a valuable folder from falling into "enemy" hands. If he was a Democrat you can bet the admittedly silly connection would be made into a serious issue to undermine the candidate. As it stands, however, it serves as a vehicle for smearing the Democratic party as a whole.

Sometimes what they don't say on FOX is as telling as what they do say.