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Bill O'Reilly Calls Guest " Lunatic " Twice And It Gets Much Worse

Reported by Deborah - January 4, 2007 -

Sunsara Taylor, World Can't Wait, appeared with O'Reilly tonight to talk about the protests in Washington D.C. urging Democrats to fulfill their campaign promises to bring the troops home. After calling her a lunatic, he said,

" If the country was the way you think, you'd be in Guantanamo. You'd be hangin from a hook somewhere".

The segment opened with Rahm Emanuel at the podium trying to speak while chants from protesters to end the war forced him to stop. O'Reilly opened with an attitude of disgust asking her why she would do such a thing.

Taylor, as always, was tough and confident telling BOR all the truths that drive him crazy, She noted the criminality of the war, torture, war crimes without taking a breath to give him an opening..

When Taylor started to offer some more reality about Iraq reminding him that the majority agrees with her, he got ticked off saying,
" You're a lunatic, You're a lunatic. 8% agree with you. Majority thinks you're a lunatic."

Taylor was rock solid telling O'Reilly that the majority opposes this war and Congress must respond. O'Reilly claimed that if a majority agreed with her there would have been millions in D.C. At this point Taylor was rolling along, talking over Bill's jabs without as much as a stutter. Infuriated because he lost control, he blurted ,

" If the country was the way you think, you'd be in Guantanamo. You'd be hanging from a hook somewhere." Then he ended the segment with, " The land of oz is a lovely place."

Then Dick Morris came on and after agreeing that Taylor was a lunatic, essentially agreed with everything she said.