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Hannity Pal Declares Whites Are More Discriminated Against Than Blacks

Reported by Ellen - January 3, 2007 -

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, a regular guest on Hannity & Colmes, can always be counted on to use his airtime to attack blacks. But last night (1/2/07), he outdid himself by proclaiming, “Most of the discrimination today is from black folks toward white Americans”. Can it be any coincidence that Peterson is one of the few African-Americans whom Sean Hannity seems to like?

Peterson appeared last night to discuss the “issue” of whether Jesse Jackson should rescind his scholarship offer to the Duke accuser. Is this really news? Does anyone, other than a Jackson-hater, really care?

As Media Matters has noted, Peterson has made a career out of attacking Jackson. So having him as the sole guest for the discussion could only lead to one, predictable outcome.

Hannity started out the discussion with a distortion of his own connection to Peterson. Hannity announced, “I am proudly on the Board of (Peterson’s organization, BOND).” Actually, Hannity is on the Advisory Board, not the Board of Directors. But I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt that he was not intentionally misleading the audience. Maybe he doesn’t know the difference.

Next, Hannity played a flashback to Jackson’s Hannity & Colmes appearance in which he discussed the scholarship award. Hannity melodramatically asked, “What if the accuser was lying?” He made it sound as though a separate trial ought to be held just on the issue of whether the accuser deserved the award.

What if the Duke students didn’t rape the stripper but abused her in other ways? I don’t see any concern on Hannity’s part about that. On tonight’s show, Hannity was gloating over the defendants’ re-admission to the university. He hadn’t a care in the world that THEY might not deserve to be reinstated, even if they didn’t commit a rape. In fact, in the flashback video, Hannity cuts Jackson off and dismisses his allegations that the students engaged in underage drinking and other bad behavior by saying, “The allegation here is rape, Sir.”

Nevertheless, Hannity demanded that Jackson admit he was wrong, rescind his offer and insist the Duke accuser apologize.

Peterson said Jackson wouldn’t do that because he capitalizes on black and white conflict. “If black and white were to unite, Jackson would be out of work… Jackson is an evil man. He doesn’t care about what is right. He cares about power.”

There was no opposing guest to balance such a diatribe.

Is it a horrible offense, worth spending over eight minutes of prime time airtime, to offer a woman who MAY not have told the truth a scholarship? Alan Colmes implied that it’s not. He read a statement from Jackson saying that his organization discourages stripping as a form of entertainment and would rather give the accuser a scholarship. Colmes asked, “So, Reverend Peterson, would you rather see a woman strip for money?”

Peterson first said there’s nothing wrong with Jackson helping her but then Peterson decreed that Jackson should make a statement that the accuser “along with the DA should go to jail.”

Comment: Yet another FOX News conservative ready to ditch a judge and jury for his own, personal system of justice.

“Big-hearted” Peterson added, “The best deed that (Jackson) can do for this woman is to get her to admit that she lied and take responsibility for her actions.”

Near the end of the discussion, Colmes asked, “Can you agree that there’s more discrimination in this country against black men and women than there is against white men? Can you agree to that?”

Peterson answered, “Absolutely no. I absolutely disagree with that. Most of the discrimination today is from black folks toward white Americans.”

Colmes, sounding incredulous, said, “Really?”

Peterson continued, “They have been brainwashed to believe that white folks are still trying to hold them down and it’s just not true.”

Colmes asked, “So it’s the white person who is the victim of discrimination by black people in America?”

“White folks are not trying to hold black Americans down today. It’s the blacks that constantly, falsely accuse the white folks of being racist because they don’t want to take responsibility for themselves," Peterson responded.

Colmes said wryly, “It’s a fascinating point of view you have there, Reverend.”

The interview is posted on FOXNews.com.