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Bill O'Reilly Uses Mike Tyson To Smear Barack Obama

Reported by Deborah - January 3, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly joined the chorus of vultures picking at Barack Obama over his admission of marijuana and cocaine use when he was teenager. Although O'Reilly kept his hands clean tonight during a discussion about Obama with Clarence Page, Chicago Tribune, it was preceded with a segment about Mike Tyson's recent cocaine arrest in Arizona. Then O'Reilly immediately went into the Obama intro claiming there may be another cocaine problem with the Senator.

Mike Tyson was arrested for possession of 3 bags of cocaine in his car and then released without bail. O'Reilly turned this non story into a segment worthy issue interviewing Sheriff Joe Arpaio about Tyson's release claiming he got preferential treatment. Arpaio mentioned that Tyson had visited Arizona prisons in the past to help inmates stay clean. O'Reilly suggested that Tyson had never gotten over his cocaine problem showing a scary mug shot over and over and wanted the Judge to deal with Tyson like any non celebrity "low life" would be treated for possession. He offered, half joking, to send a camera up to the judge's house.

The Obama segment followed and Clarence Page handled himself beautifully. BOR asked him for his take on Obama using cocaine since it was a felony. O'Reilly claimed that everyone of a certain age had tried marijuana, " Everybody but me."

Page said it was a non issue since Obama was a kid. Then he got away with the unthinkable claiming that Bush had refused to talk about cocaine use in his youth and it didn't hurt him.

O'Reilly commented it just may be an issue in other places like Mississippi. Page's response was perfect claiming that Obama wasn't going to carry Mississippi anyway, he's been candid, and Americans love stories of redemption.

Then Bill got to his real gripe complaining that Obama won't come on his show. " We ambushed him in a nice way" adding he heard " his staff is keeping him away from tough venues" Actually, the ambush wasn't nice at all. O'Reilly's producer pushed a mic in Obama's face at a book signing demanding to know why he wouldn't come on the show.

Once again Page was unruffled saying Obama wasn't doing much TV to avoid over exposure but would certainly need to come on The Factor at some point.

O'Reilly finished up with the obligatory jab about inexperience posing a hypothetical question he might ask, " What are you going to do about Iran? Is he going to say, we're gonna chat?"

comment: In my opinion the Tyson/Obama comparison was pretty obvious but also very easy to deny. The Tyson story was too unremarkable to rate an entire segment and to schedule the two stories together with a connecting segue was in extremely poor taste. However, FOX and O'Reilly weren't sending their message to people, like me, who could see through their techniques.