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Not Much Difference A Year Makes In FOX Beltway Boys Awards

Reported by Deborah - January 2, 2007 -

The B Boys didn't even try to appear balanced in their choices and comments for the 2005 awards but this year they held their noses and made a few baby steps into the future. Although Barnes and Kondracke acknowledged the existence of Democrats this year and were critical of some Republicans, their message was still FOX to the core.

Best Move
Tony Snow: Barnes called Snow " a star who pops on television" ( Not sure what "pops" means)
Both agreed that Snow is a great defender of Bush.

Worst Move
GOP Immigrant Bashing: Kondracke considered this behavior responsible for losing the Hispanic vote and Barnes said it was " mean spirited" which was bad for voters. Neither said it was simply the wrong thing to do.

The runner up was Nancy Pelosi for backing John Murtha instead of Steny Hoyer. Barnes said that Pelosi needs to " watch her backside" and both agreed it was "100% stupid". Last year John Murtha took this award for speaking out against Iraq

Turncoats of the Year
Gordon Smith and other Republicans were recognized for criticizing the Iraq War and last year, Bill and Hillary Clinton took this title for exactly the same thing.

Forgotten and Gone
The Iraq Study Group recieved this recognition with both Kondracke and Barnes dismissing the group as insignificant . Barnes thought the idea that the Israel/Palestine issue needed to be addressed to solve problems in Iraq was especially foolish.

Gone and Forgotten
Bill Frist: The Boys made sure to praise Frist for the " nuclear option" which resulted in the appointment of conservative judges. Last year the " nuclear option" got the award for best idea. It's obviously a B Boy favorite.

Best Campaign
Joe Leiberman: Last year the Boys gave him the Hero award.

Barack Obama: Barnes really choked on this one and sputtered out a bunch of restrictions and doubts about the choice.

Liar of the Year
Vladmir Putin was chosen in part because he " fooled " Bush into believing his soul was pure.

There were more awards but you get the picture.