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Iraqis Fight Each Other, So What's the Big Deal?

Reported by Melanie - January 2, 2007 -

If you listened to Brigitte Gabriel, the founder of the "American Congress for Truth" and a Neil Cavuto fave today (January 2, 2007) on Your World, you would think that the violence in Iraq is nothing new -- that the Sunnis, Shias, Arabs and insurgents there have been fighting each other at the current level of intensity for, well, forever, and that the US presence has nothing to do with it.

Gabriel, in her usual role, was on to remind viewers what an awful guy Saddam Hussein was during a segment titled, "Saddam's Victims Have Every Right to Celebrate." As usual, the segment was about Hussein rather than his poor victims and after a quick rundown of some of Hussein's nastier torture techniques, the discussion turned to astonishment that there hasn't been more violence since he was killed, as if to imply that we're doing a better job controlling the situation there than generally thought. Cavuto wondered if Gabriel thought it was "odd" that "the violence that many feared really has not been unusual; it's been kinda keeping with the pace and tenor of events in Iraq already; that it has not been out of whack."

Gabriel said, "Exactly. You know, the Baathist party said they're going to have revenge for his death, they're going to attack U.S. interests. You know Neil, they sound like a broken record." With a ho hum tone in her voice, Gabriel continued: "It's business as usual in Iraq. You're going to have the insurgents doing their own thing. You have the Iraqis and the Sunnis fighting. It's expected."

Comment: In other words, no matter what we do, this is the way it is in Iraq.